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    Replace HPFP as preventive maintenance?

    Anyone think that it might be a good idea to change the high pressure pump before it fails? I thought this might be wise to do at 120,000 miles when replacing the timing belt. As I understand it the pump runs about $700 and might save a lot of grief and money down the road.
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    DSG good for high miles without repairs?

    Now with the buyback vs keeping our tdi cars I am wondering about the longevity of the dsg transmission. I like the performance we get from our diesels with economy to boot. Now it seems we will get extended coverage on the DPF and HPFP from VW if the fix comes through. All thats left in the...
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    What car gives similar performance to the TDI?

    My TDI is leased and I am thinking to return it when the time comes this winter. I test drove the Mazda3 6 sp. manual that many rave about. It was a nice ride but doesn't feel like my TDI at all. Does not pull as well from low low rpm's. From a performance perspective what new car is available...
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    Can a VW dealer sell a used TDI?

    I was told that not only can't a VW dealer sell a new Tdi, but even used ones are prohibited. It seems that if they don't call it a certified preowned they can sell the car. Is this correct? What determines if the used car will be a certified or not? How about non VW dealers? Sorry if this has...
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    Can the 2016 wagon with DSG tow?

    Hello all, I tried the VW website but cannot find any info on trailer towing. I am thinking of the new sportwagon with the 1.8 gas engine as right for my needs. I need to be able to tow a utility type trailer 1500 LBS max. I know the TDI with DSG trans as in my 2014 JETTA was not trailer rated...
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    Is the TDI not able to meet emissions...?

    We have all read the news by now. VW cheated on TDI emissions and now has to reprogram half a million cars and pay fines. What I am wondering is why was this necessary? Is the DPF or converter life shortened if running under full emission specs? Perhaps some other shortcoming exists? Some say...
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    Help with my 2014 Jetta. Code P2459

    So as I have stated in the title I have a check engine light and pulled this code with a generic scanner. Car starts and runs well with 34,2xx miles on it. I believe this is a frequent regen code. Should I clear it and see if it comes back or take it to the dealer to have it on record?
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    2015 TDI S/W trailer tow or not

    I was looking at the VW website but could not find any information on trailer towing. I was wondering if VW allows trailer towing with the TDI and if so what is the max weight permitted. I was thinking MT if I can get one later this year.
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    Does VW still sell the camper van?

    I know I have not seen them here in the US of A for a long time but I wonder if they are still sold in Europe? I thought they were quite popular for a time I wonder why they dropped the van (Camper or not) in the US?
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    using additives with the missfuel guard in place

    This is probably a stupid newby question. I have the car only two weeks so bear with me. I wanted to add some power service to the tank but with the missfuel guard in place I couldn't get the flap to open. I don't want to remove it as this is a leased car. Is there an adapter commonly available...
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    2014 Jetta no accsy position on key switch

    I just noticed there is no accessory position on the ignition switch for listening to the radio. Have I got it right or did I miss something? Sometimes while waiting for a passenger I like to sit and listen to the radio with the engine off. I wonder why VW saw fit to leave out the "power on...
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    Newb question on TDI fuel filters?

    Hello all, I just got my 2014 Jetta TDI and I am loving driving it. What I was wondering is wether or not our TDI's have a fuel water separator as a function of the fuel filter? Somewhere you could drain off the water from the filter or system to help prevent problems. I have not seen it...