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    Can the CCV on a BHW be rotated?

    I'm dropping a BHW into my Jeep Wrangler but the kit I'm using has hoses for the BEW valve cover. The difference between the two is the CCV valve. They're 180 degree opposite of each other. It looks like you may be able to rotate it yourself but I don't want to break my valve cover trying...
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    Any good alternatives to Coty out there now?

    Well it's been a long time, about 8 years ago I threw an ALH into Jeep YJ which was a great project but the wiring was just a nightmare for me and I'd like to go with a better mounting system this time around. I like Coty's Truss with the ability to use a Jeep AC and alternator with it. Also I...
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    Wiring harness info for my upcoming 2nd TDI into Jeep Swap

    About 6 years ago, I did an ALH swap into my old YJ but sold it a few years back. Since then, I've been itching to do a similar swap into my 05 LJR and looks like I may actually do it this upcoming spring. I'm planning on putting a 05/06 PD BEW TDI this time due to the various emission state...
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    Starting my 2nd TDI swap, BEW in 05 Rubicon, questions

    Looks like I'm selling my first swap which was a ALH TDI into a 94 YJ which means I'll have the funds to do my BEW swap into my 05 Rubicon LJ. Had some questions and was hoping to get a little help. I decided on the BEW over the ALH because I really like the HPA truss system, allowing me to...
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    Selling my 94 TDI Wrangler LYJ Unlimited length

    Moving to Africa, selling my TDI Jeep.
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    Looking to start my second question, mTDI questions

    Well my current Wrangler TDI YLJ is running great. The engine is a perfect match, but the jeep part is still nickle/diming me to death. So looking to start a new project with a 2005 LJ. The biggest pain in my ass on the last swap was the wiring harness. It took forever to clean out the...
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    Getting your tdi swap to charge...?

    Finally back into my TDI swapped YJ and starting to work out the little kinks. How did you guys get the alternator to put out a full charge? Seems that mine barely if any charges the battery. I still have the full wiring harness (minus what i didn't need). Do I have to swap over a GM alt or...
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    Reassembling cylinder head questions

    Well I had my head checked at a local shop here in town to make sure it was still straight and they nice people there cleaned and disassembled it for me without asking. So now I have a bare head and a box of parts. I have rebuilt blocks before but never a cylinder head. How hard is the job...
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    Help me figure out what happened to my alh

    So back story. I have a 2000 1.9 TDI out of a jetta that I have put in a jeep wrangler. I had to drive it from norther mn to El Paso about a month ago. Half way I ended up getting a cut in the upper rad hose and had to drive it about 10 miles that way. Long story short after that I was getting...
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    FS or Trade TDI Diesel Wrangler YJ stretched to LJ length

    Well it looks like I might be moving down to the Virgin Islands in the next month or so and I won't be able to take my project. So looking to sell it or trade for a Wrangler Unlimited. It's a 1994 YJ which I have stretched the frame to LJ length (15 inches). Also it has a VW TDI with full...
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    WTB: N18 Solenoid for A4 TDI

    Broke a nipple on mine while pulling the engine out. Needs to be the rounded plug. Here's a pic. Let me know your price shipped to 56447.
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    Help with iding connectors and wires

    Wiring up my Jeep ALH TDI swap and need some help with a couple connectors. First off is the ignition connector. Can someone give me the wire id's coming off of it. I'm not sure which wires I need to power to get the engine to run(IMMO deleted). Next couple connectors I can't find where...
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    Reading Bently Manual Questions

    Going through my wiring now, what a ***** lol. Anyways, how do you identify the connectors with the Bently manual? It will say connector J104, how would I find that connector since most of them do not have any identification on them. Also does anyone have a printout of where each connector...
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    WTB Jetta TDI ALH Turbo Wastegate Actuator

    Like the title says, in need of an actuator for the internal wastegate off a stock 2000 Jetta TDI. Ended up accidentally snapping mine while repositioning the compressor housing. Need stock boost level. Thanks =Jason-
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    Bunch of parts off 2000 Jetta TDI

    Trying to get rid of more of the parts off my donor Jetta swap. It's a base 2000 Jetta TDI. This is what I have left. Car had 250k on it. Everything is in good working condition. Exterior navy blue, interior tan cloth. Prices as marked or reasonable offers. Shipping not included. Can...
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    FS: Acme Adapters Toyota Flywheel for TDI

    Ended up using a different flywheel/clutch for my jeep TDI swap so have this left over. It's a toyota 8 7/8" flywheel that is redrilled to fit your VW TDI. Looking for 150 plus shipping. It's the one on the right. =Jason-
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    Where to get downpipe to turbo flange??

    I've searched here and on the internet and can't find one. Need it for my Jeep TDI swap for the downpipe. Anyone know where I can get it from? Thanks =Jason-
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    Parting 2000 Jetta TDI

    Almost finished with my donor TDI for my Jeep swap so starting to get rid of it. Let me know what you're looking for. Located in 56447, Emily MN. Already gone: Long Block wiring harness ECU accel pedal Bumper inserts glove box assembly Have everything else. Let me know what you need. It's...
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    ALH TDI in YJ wiring questions

    So starting my TDI swap. Got the engine out of a 00 Jetta, Acme kit is bolted on(running into a flywheel problem. Apparently I bought the incorrect clutch, since it's too large for the flywheel. Tranny is built, AX15 with r151f bellhousing and input shaft. Getting into the wiring now. Do...
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    Rebuilding a 2000 Jetta TDI, need some suggestions

    Picked up a 2000 Jetta TDI yesterday which I'll be pulling the engine/wiring and dropping into my Jeep Wrangler. The engine runs great but since it has almost 250k on it, would like to do a rebuild. Anyone have any links/suggestions on how to start this. Any kits out there? I did a search...