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    AHU Starting issue (Starter or ?)

    Hi, I have a 97 Passat TDI setup in my engine swapped bus. This setup is well sorted and has about 70,000 miles on it. For the sake of simplifying the issue think of me having a stock 97 Passat, as all of the relevant components for starting are the same. Symptom: Sometimes I will turn the...
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    WTB: 1Z/AHU Throttle Position Sensor

    My TPS potentiometer died and I had to swap in my spare.. so now looking for a new spare. Thanks! Mark
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    New AMC Heads for 1Z/AHU ?

    I have a timing belt coming up and am thinking about dealing with oil consumption (600ml/ 400 miles) at the same time. The car (78 Bus) runs nicely and still gets 30+ MPG. The engine is at about 200K miles. One option is to replace rings and replace the head. I see that some of the TDI vendors...
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    1Z/AHU - mild performance, MAF or no MAF?

    Hi, My 78 Bus has a 1997 Passat 1Z. I'm running the DLC1019 nozzles and stock turbo and a custom Malone tune. I don't plan on any big power upgrades because 1. It's a bus and 2. The transaxle was very spendy and I don't want to break it. I'm planning on asking Malone about making some...
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    Who/where/how: Quality 1Z/AHU longblock

    Hi All, I have the heart of a 1997 Passat TDI in my 78 Bus conversion. Miles on the engine are almost 200K now and oil consumption has gone from bad to worse. Because of the conversion, it's tricky to get the engine in/out and it needs to be done in a shop with a lift, etc. I'm thinking best...
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    The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 5

    I can't reply or create new threads with my main Firefox browser. I know it's a setting somewhere but afaik, I have all scripts, etc. allowed. Anyone else see this issue and know what I have to go fix? Thanks, Mark (using alternate browser to post this)
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    1Z IQ Fluctuating at idle and getting more lean

    So, a little background: My setup has been stable for several years. I have a Malone tune with 1000 rpm idle and dynamic EGR and altitude adjustment, stock turbo, stock pump, Bosio DLC 1019 injectors. The pump has been resealed but not rebuilt. I am running B20. I have hammer-modded the pump...
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    Hard Starting when Hot (1Z TDI)

    Hi, I have the 1Z engine from a 97 Passat TDI in my bus. My swap is well sorted and has not always had this issue. Now I see an intermittent hard start when the engine is hot. Hard start = few seconds of cranking before starting. Previously, this would would happen when I had the IQ set a...
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    1Z CCV Filter - Provent, BMW's Cyclonic or ?

    Hi All, I had a home-made CCV filter on my 1Z powered bus and this worked pretty well but it was big and ugly and started leaking so off it has come. My intercoolers (yes, plural) would be a PITA to remove and clean so I would like to do something to remove oil from the CCV system before it...
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    1997 1Z Oil Consumption < 200K miles

    I'm running the 1Z engine from a 1997 Passat TDI in my conversion. Oil consumption is high at about 1 quart per edit:500 miles or so. The engine has < 200K miles and has been running Rotella T6 5-40. For now, I just add oil at each fillup but I'd like some ideas on causes/solutions. Since the...
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    1997 1Z Oil Consumption < 200K miles

    Edit: Moved to TDI 101
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    EGT Sensor gets loose

    I have a standard EGT Sensor in the exhaust manifold of my 1Z engine. Above is a picture of a similar sensor. The probe faces down and is drilled in a generally recommended spot to get a good reading. As you know, part A is threaded into the exhaust manifold. Part C is tightened down to...
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    1Z - Where's all my boost?

    Hi All, This is in my 78 Bus, but please think of it as a 97 Passat TDI ;-) I have a Malone stage 2-ish tune which is good for 17-18 psi of boost. I'm running the stock IP and turbo. I have a somewhat extreme A2W intercooler setup, but that's another story. Everything else is pretty much...
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    1Z Starting issue - starter, battery or?

    Hi All, Assume a 1997 Passat TDI with 1Z. This is actually in my converted 78 bus. Intermittently, first thing in the morning when things are "California cold" (~50F - ~60F), the starter will crank very slowly. Today, I cranked it and it spun too slowly to start. I waited about 30 seconds and...
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    1Z Waterpump, thermostat recommendations

    Hi All, My 1Z powered 78 Bus has developed a water pump leak. I have learned that the drip is an early warning that one of the internal seals is on it's way to failing and that the pump should be replaced. This pump was installed < 30K miles ago. So, a few questions: 1. Is there a rule of...
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    WTB: ALH or 1Z/AHU Starter (Manual Trans)

    My old starter on the TDI Bus died and was replaced by my spare, so I'm up and running but would like to replace the spare. This isn't a rush, but if one turns up, please let me know! I'm looking for something known to be working with no issues. ALH or 1Z/AHU for manual trans will work...
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    1Z Not running after pump resealing

    We followed the steps in this thread After re-assembling the pump, and priming with mity-vac and lots of fruitless cranking, we are getting a dribble at best at the injectors. I checked and there is no +12 volts at the fuel cutoff solenoid...
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    Safe sustained temps - Oil, EGT (i.e. towing)

    Hi All, My 78 Bus is powered by a 1Z with larger injectors, Malone 1.5 (appx) tune. The turbo is stock and I have an air-water intercooler. I have a larger size oil-water exchanger from a V6 VW. I recently made a run through Arizona which is a nice torture test to see what a sustained hill in...
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    FS ALH Injection Pump Unknown condition

    I bought this pump before I did my swap. So long before that I don't remember anything about it or who I bought it from. It has been sitting in my garage for probably 3 years. I would imagine when I bought it, I was told it worked, but I can't make any guarantees. It would at least need to be...
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    1Z Help diagnosing sound? Worn Snout?

    1Z Help diagnosing sound? (Non-Transmission causes) This is on my TDI Conversion VW Bus, but I'm posting here to get input from the TDIClub engine experts specifically. This has everyone stumped so far #!^@*# So.. there's a clicking noise audible when driving. You hear it best when...