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    over center spring

    Searched forums and repaired clutch white plastic pedal clip, great information on how to accomplish. Problem I am having is putting over center spring on clutch pedal back in, manual calls for special tool, and some posts say do not need spring at all. All info would be helpful! thanks!
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    downpipe removed now what

    broken exhaust after cat have downpipe removed, is the 2.5 dp worth money \$379 for this car 1996 passat 185k? how can I gut cat? and how would i connect back to the larger diameter pipe, I just replaced rear exhaust so will leave in place. where's thread for the muffflerectomy? WEBSITE IS...
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    frozen wiper motor/assembly on 1996 passat tdi

    wipers will not work this morniing very icey. Pulled wiper of windshield started car, could to much ice around base of blades burn motor up and how difficult to change motor. just motor or whole assembley?
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    how to on struts on b4 1996 passatdi very new

    1996 tdi passat