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    Lower than normal boost

    03 ALH I am trying to diagnose a lower than normal boost issue with my ALH.. max boost psi I’m reaching is 17psi on a VNT17. Before I was getting 24psi.. the car runs amazing , no limp mode or CEL. I have changed all the vacuum hoses, air filter, Fuel filter, disconnect the MAF the car runs...
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    Looking for a tuner

    I’m looking for someone local to tune my friends 2015 jetta/dsg
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    2015 jetta dsg ecu

    I’m looking for a 2015 Jetta/DSG ECU Cheers
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    Wanted MK4 short shifter

    I’m looking for a short shifter for my 03 mk4, I believe Those years came with the pin style not the ball end. Or a used stock one so I can make my own.. Barrie area preferred Cheers
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    Proper bleeding procedure

    Can someone please tell me the proper bleed sequence For flushing the brake system? I will be using a power bleeder And I do have vagcom.. I have yet to find a good tutorial on bleeding the abs Pump, there used to be a good one floating around sometime ago but it appears It's now gone off...
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    Wanted 03 golf clutch slave cylinder bleed screw

    Hi, I'm looking for a used clutch slave cylinder For an 03 golf.. I only need the bleed screw though Located in the barrie area I need asap Cheers
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    Just seeing if anyone has the cable and Vagcom for sale
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    ALH timing tools

    Does anyone in the Barrie area have timing belt Tools for an ALH engine I can borrow, rent?
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    Urgent help needed

    Hi guys 2003 tdi alh.. Car quit while going 10km around a corner.. Popped off the timing belt cover and there is tension but little tension on the timing belt..what am I looking at here everything was replaced about 50k ago.. How do I knowing there was any damage to the valves, Belt is great...
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    problems need urgent help

    This am I changed the engine oil and filter in my 2006 Jetta TDi, started it up to check the oil level and topped it up to specific level. My wife drove the car few blocks away to get some lunch. She called me and said the car will not start. I went over and the battery was dead. I boosted...