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    Went from 40+ MPG to 10+ MPG. Time to move on...Sort of..

    I had been trying to sell the TDI right before the scandal hit and when it did drop it pretty much crushed my plans to do anything for a while. Well fast forward and I've lost patience plus I do think VW is nearing a solution. How long it will take to completely resolve this and for me to...
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    Refillin adblue

    Best way to refil my adblue tank? I know this is simple but I've never come up short and this time prior to my 80k service it's going empty so rather than pay the dealership I plan to fill it. Where should I buy it? Is there a brand that I should buy? Best process for filling and not...
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    2013 Passat TDI SE W/Nav and Sun

    2013 Passat TDI SE W/Nav and Sun - Colorado Selling my Passat. No issues at all. See Ad below. Mieage 73,500. No kids, no smoking, clean car. PM me with any questions. One Owner Vehicle, Ultimate Cruiser. EXTRA Sound Deadening installed, Wired for High Wattage AMP in Rear. Clean...
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    FS: Custom Subwoofer setup for your 2012+ Passat

    Hello, I'm looking to unload my subwoofer setup before I sell my car. This would be a direct swap into another 2012+ Passat. The only thing you would need to do is run a power wire from the front and a remote wire to signal the AMP. You're welcome to come hear everything in my car prior to the...
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    headlight recall fix question

    So while getting my 60k oil change they did the headlight recall. Does this recall adjust any settings of the headlights. It could be placebo but I feel like the headlights are much brighter than they used to be?
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    Sputtering/stall after car sat for ~7days

    I just figured I'd post this and see if anyone had similar expereinces or an explanation. I was out of town for about a week and the car sat untouched. When I first started it up after returning it sputtered and stalled, I felt that was odd, then I started it again holding the crank a little...
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    Just curious. VW extended warranty ???

    Can you buy one after the fact? my car is coming up on 60k. Can I go to VW and have them throw a 100k warranty on it? Anyone know?
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    FS: RNS-315 GPS Headunit

    Hello, I'm looking to sell the Headunit from my 2013 Passat TDI. There is nothing wrong with it and it's cosmetically flawless. I'm in Colorado and would love to sell locally, but I could ship it. Asking $650 OBO.:cool:
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    Market for our stock headunits?

    I'm planning to replace my headunit and was going to keep the stock one but now I'm probably just going to unload it if people are buying them. Has anyone sold one? Looking around prices seem to be all over the place.:confused:
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    Quick Windsheild Replacement question

    How do I know if I have the rain sensor? they are also asking if I have the acoustic inner layer? Not even sure what that is but I want it if I don't have it lol. anybody help?
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    Trunk Won't open........Again..

    This is at least the 3rd if not 4th time that my trunk will not open. Randomly it will just not respond to any open commands. Key Fob, button on the trunk or the trunk release on the door. It's incredibly frusterating and to make matters worse I now have a massive speaker box in the trunk...
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    Code Reset.

    Hi Guys, I need an airbag code reset due to me pulling the trim off and detaching that light on the front of the trim piece. the dealer is trying to charge me 1/2 half the diganosic fee which irritates the H*** out of me. I realize it was something I did but it's a simple reset and I...
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    Optima yellow top battery.

    Any reason to not use one? I'm looking at getting one. I want a dual post battery and the other benefits would be nice with my stereo install.
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    Fuel Pump More Audible over time?

    I know this is probably been discussed a little bit in some of the random noise threads but I'm positive it's the fuel pump alone that I'm hearing. It's not an alarming sound just sounds much louder than when I purchased the car. I'm now crossing 25k miles and If I have no music on or I'm...
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    Rear AC Vents/Console rattling

    anyone else having this issue? Mine has recently started to rattle almost constantly. plastic on plastic is what it sounds like. when I apply pressure to the area around the vents or the vents themselves it goes away. it's super annoying. is there a spray grease or anything that somenoe...
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    Removing Gas shock in trunk?

    Anyone know How? I just need to pop it off and then back on to get the v6 body panel on.
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    Which tray/Battery for TDI?

    so I'm contemplating adding an additional battery in my trunk. 61 AMP HOUR $40.46 95 AMP HOUR $38.76 72 AMP HOUR $38.76 there are three choices? It doesn't look like they are different sized trays. so I'm not really sure what the difference is? anyone know?
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    Power wire through the firewall?

    Hey guys I have my car torn apart right now and I'm not seeing anything obvious. anyone know what options we have?
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    My Audio Install Is Underway *PICS*

    Here are some initial pics. I got all of the trunk liner out. Ready to get started with the Damplifier Pro. BEFORE: DSC01695 by ChadS99SVT, on Flickr AFTER: DSC01700 by ChadS99SVT, on Flickr OEM BATTERY LOCATION IN TRUNK FOR V6 MODELS. I PLAN TO ADD A SECOND BATTERY...
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    Must have tools?

    Hey guys so I'm pretty new to vw and I'm about to tear into my interior and install my stereo. What are some must have tools for any DIY VW mechanic. Torx set? Any special trim removal tools? Basically want to know anything I should have other than standard and metric tools. This is not...