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    Blown ALH need help.

    I finally have pics of my engine,I have 2 large holes on each side of my block, any suggestions on how this happened, could it be from the bent valve? I am in need of a long block replacement, I am in the National Guard, in a couple of months i will be in Iraq for 16months, i need a good honest...
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    WTB: complete engine low miles, ALH 1.9, manual

    Engine just blew, want to replace with low mileage engine.
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    WTB TB tools,

    replacing head gasket, need locking tool and puller,?
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    blown head gasket....

    I have a 2002 ALH jetta, it has 120k I bought it used and have been having a smoking at startup problem, well im thinking i have a blown head gasket due to the fact that i got 420,320,290,440 on my compression check. Im looking for a mechanic near Central Louisiana, or near Theodore Alabama...
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    missfire #2, cel

    I have a 02 jetta alh with 120K smokes during morning start, white smoke for 2min. I ordered pp220 from kerma. gonna have the injectors rebuilt and the new nozzels installed. I just started getting a #2 cylinder cel after startup, sometimes it waits a mile or 2 down the road after reset or it...
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    injectors needed,

    Im new to the tdi world, i was wondering if anyone had a set of injectors with the .205 nozzels installed for sale, I have a small white smoke at startup problem, just wanted to upgrade and fix problem at same time.any help will be appreciated! 2002 tdi, manual, jetta
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    Smoking 02 jetta

    I just purchased an 02 tdi jetta, 114000, it has new belt waterpump valves head all repaired at dealership about 800miles ago, car seems to run fine but it smokes for about 2min when you start it for the first time of day, white smoke, moderate volume, runs and sounds great!, gas mileage is...