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    KVW Window Modules

    might help out you us/uk guys as some australian ebayer is selling so the exchange rate might be cheaper to buy for you guys?
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    Wanted: Sport Edition Fascia/Faces for GTI

    im after the sport edition faces, anyone got a set for sale or know where of to get one from? thanks heaps!
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    Full FIS Display upgrade from Half FIS

    hey guys, ive searched but cant find anything on it.. was looking at doing the full fis display dash upgrade, just wondering is it possible? and no i dont need the gps i just like it lol :P
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    alarm install / wiring diagrams (mk4 gti)

    anyone got any pdfs or links to where i can get the wiring diagram so i can install an alarm in a golf iv gti? (non can bus edition, early gti! eek!) or any info would be appreciative.. thanks! :)
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    99.5 gti golf - no alarm?

    the 99.5 golf from the gf hasnt got an alarm i presume as when you lock it with the remote central locking (the keyfob/remote, whatever u feel like calling it today lol) it locks and unlocks the car. although, if your inside and attempt to open the bonnet no alarm or horn sounds off at all...
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    window close on lock feature thru VAG-COM??

    Possible to activate the window roll up close feature and also beep on arm/disarm via vagcom? (as in, when you lock your mk4 golf it will roll up the windows/sunroof for you and also beep if u arm or disarm ur car too) anybody? thanks!
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    Running amp power cable through firewall

    Just curious to where i can run my power cable for my amp from the battery through to the firewall? (without taking the wipers/plastics off up top etc) thanks
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    Auto Folding Mirrors (yes.. again!)

    hey guys, yes ive read the thread on the auto folding mirrors. i had to start another thread, brings up attention to it so might get some answers to my lame questions :) What i want to know is, i have a australian delivered GTI 1.8t mk4. Unfortunately it didnt get optioned in australia with...