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    Check engine light on - Throttle Body Actuator

    Check engine light came on today on my 2009 Jetta TDI. Did a scann and this is what I got. Any idea what I'm looking at here? Sunday,19,November,2017,17:59:41:50329 VCDS Version: Release 17.8.0 (x64) Running on Windows 10 x64 Address 01: Engine Labels...
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    Using Bluetooth for playing music

    I have a 2009 Q7 TDI and 2009 Jetta TDI and both come equipped with the AUX cable. I want to play music form my Android Phone and from my wife phone which is a iPhone 6. I found this cable here which has mixed reviews and for the most part seem to indicated that it does not work well if at...
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    2009 Jetta TDI broken tourbo

    A few months ago my turbo on my 2009 TDI Jetta stopped working. Brought it to the dealer and was told the turbo was toasted. I paid 3,000 or so to have the turbo replaced including timing belt at the same time. I took the old turbo with me and wondering if it is worth anything? If not I will...
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    2009 TDI Q7 going into limp mode

    My Audi Q7 TDI started going into limp mode. I have the same problem described here by another person on this forum I have the VagCom and here are the engine fault codes. Can anyone tell what I'm looking at here? 008425 - Reductant P20E9 - 000 - Pressure too High - Intermittent Freeze Frame...
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    Check Engine Light on Q7 3.0 TDI

    I got the following 2 fault codes on my Audi Q7 3.0 TDI. Any idea where to start? 008430 - SCR NOx Catalyst Bank 1 P20EE - 001 - Efficiency too Low - Intermittent Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 00100001 Fault Priority: 2...
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    Auxiliary 12V change to always on

    On my 2009 Jetta what code do I need to change to have the 12V auxiliary always on. Right now it is only on when the ignition is turned on. Is this possible?
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    Engine noise

    I have own my 2009 Jetta a few months now. I'm not a 100 percent sure but I think I'm hearing a noise from the engine when it is cold. Similar like the olden days engine when you had a noisy valve lifter. Is there anything on the 2009 TDI Jetta engines that I should have checked out? It has...
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    Change from mile to km

    I'm importing 2009 Jetta from USA to Canada. I have the vagcom tool and need to know in which module I would go to change from miles to km for the odometer . I searched on this forum but could not find anything specific.
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    Hammer mod 2002 Jetta

    I have a 2002 TDI Jetta with this code 17971 - Quantity Adjuster (N146) P1563 - 35-10 - Lower Limit Reached - Intermittent The 17971 code has been there since day one when I bought the Jetta. At the time it had 180K km and now it has 370K km. I bougth it 7 year ago. I had a hammer mod done a...
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    My TDI has no power

    This morning I went out for a 50 km (one way) and on my way there it was very noticeable that my TDI did not have the same power as usual. From what I can tell it felt like the turbo did not do anything. On a small uphill (on 407 ETR Toronto area) my TDI was slowing down which has never been a...
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    Looking for roof-racks for 02 and 07 Jetta

    Can anyone give me a source for buying roof-racks for a 2002 and 2007 Jetta? I prefer to buy them to be adjustable so that I could also fit them on both Jetta's.
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    Dead TDI Jetta

    My 2003 Jetta died on me today. For the last 4 days the start up was hard but was still running and good acceleration/power. This morning I started up and it started hard again. I did not even make it of the parking lot (which was towing bill) and it died. Now the engine will crank...
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    Wires may be getting hot...need advice

    Two or three times now I smell as if there are wires that are getting hot in my car. It happens when it is cold and the smell goes away after a while. Any ideas what I should look for? I will also talk to the mechanic that I have brought it to in the past. 2002 TDI Jetta 318,000 KM on it
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    Massive oil leak on Jetta TDI

    I drove my Jetta TDI today and soddenly the oil waring light came on and also heard a beep warning. I turned off the ignition right away. Upon looking underneath the car I saw lots of oil coming out all around the engine cover. I'm wondering if it could be that the turbo gave way or is there...
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    Import Volkswagen Touareg from Europe

    Hi, I'm looking at importing a Volkswagen Touareg from Europe. The reason is because I want a manual transmission with a 2.5 TDI and as far as I know they were never sold in the USA or Canada. I'm looking at importing a 2004-2007 and base on my research in Canada they are admissible. Does...
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    Hammer mod adjustment for my Jetta TDI

    I want to perform a hammer mod adjustment on my Jetta TDI and recall seeing detail explanation on it here somewhere but can't find it. I found this link but I'm not sure if it is for my year. I have a 2002 with a ALH engine code. I get the...
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    Rad fan stays running on Jetta TDI

    I've had my 2002 TDI for over two years now. Yesterday after an 8 hour trip I turned the engine off and the rad fan stayed on. After about 10 minutes it turn off by it self. I have never before heard this before and the weather is not hot. It is 16C right now. This morning I turned the...
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    Glow plug light blanking - need TDI guru

    I bought a 2002 Jetta TDI a month in half ago from a local dealer with 182,000KM - I'm the second owner and got the maintenance records - well maintained car - I know the previous owner - said that he always maintained the car well Just recently the check engine light came on and the glow plug...