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  1. rhg

    WTB Hella right headlight 02 golf

    I need the right side headlight with clear plastic lens and good reflector.
  2. rhg

    Peak Diesel
  3. rhg

    WTB Rear wiper motor assembly 02 Golf

    The only number I see is on the motor housing. 404.425-N 1J6 955 711C NAHENTSTOERT Op 5027/4927 SW4 SPAIN 5271
  4. rhg

    WTB silver hood and or hatch for 02 Golf NE MD

    My car looks good on the sides but Hood and Hatch are peeling and rusting. Prefer local pick up. Thanks. Rob
  5. rhg

    WTB working non-leaking EGR for ALH

    Found one. Thanks for looking.
  6. rhg

    Need VAG-COM VCDS help near Bel Air,MD

    I put a timing belt on and need to set injection timing. Will travel,rent,barter. Would like to do this Saturday 12-7 if possible. 02 Golf TDI. Thanks. Rob
  7. rhg

    Wish I would have let a Guru do TB-question

    I'm finishing(I hope) timing belt,cam and oil pump replacement today on my ALH. I'm slightly confused on the torque and Lock-Tight or no Lock-Tight specs for the large TB pulley and motor mounts. I got all the replacement bolts for the job in the TB kit. The 10 mm by 54 mm long bolt for the...
  8. rhg

    New oil pump and chain @ 410k

    I'm doing my timing belt at 410K so I thought I would do the oil pump and chain. After reading the forums maybe the pump was overkill but I've got it so I'm putting it in. I will write more about this job after I'm finished so it will be in the history for other first timers. I spent a ton of...
  9. rhg

    WTB: Front seal carrier ALH

    Please send PM if you have a good carrier. Thanks. Rob
  10. rhg

    Please help diagnosing possible bad turbo.

    02 Golf stock 400K miles new VNT15 turbo & oil line at 335000. While driving I heard a pop, with the radio on I thought I hit a pothole but the car started running bad. The car stumbled, had low power and the exhaust noise changed. So far I have checked all pipes in and out of the turbo, they...
  11. rhg

    Electrical problems after trailer wiring-help!

    After what I thought was due diligence searching the forums about trailer wiring and talking with Curt Hitch Company I installed a non-powered converter box to my lights. I did not short out while plugging the wires into the back of my tail light connections and all checked out well. Drove to...
  12. rhg

    need alternator pulley tool Baltimore/east PA

    (Found one-no longer needed)need alternator pulley tool Baltimore/east PA (Found one)Anyone in the Baltimore/East PA area have the modified tool to put the new pulley on while the alternator is still on the car? Thanks. Rob
  13. rhg

    free Blizzak snow tire

    1 Bridgestone Blizzak WS-60 snow tire, 195-65-15. Excellent tread left. Free. Pick up only, no shipping.
  14. rhg

    WTB-Roof rack for 99 NB

    WTB -roof rack for 99NB-to haul bikes,kayak,whatever. If you have basic rack that attachments could be purchased for that would be okay. Thanks
  15. rhg

    WTB-catalytic for 02 GLS 5M Golf

    Found one! Thanks
  16. rhg

    MKIII Golf,Jetta drivers door

    MKIII Golf,Jetta driver's side door MKIII Golf,Jetta driver side rust, glass included,I may have electric and manual regulators, panels and mirrors. dull red. 30 dollars pick up only.