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  1. GlowBugTDI

    GSP axles.

    Im looking around at new axles and plan on going with GSP. yes their cheaper then the others, but ID parts sells them so they can't be that terrible i wouldnt think? I don't need them to be 300k mile axles which would never happen in MN i doubt, but i also don't want to change them due to ripped...
  2. GlowBugTDI

    Where's that switch on the beetle?

    Simple question. Where's that door switch that that tells the car if the door is open or not? My drivers door on my beetle keeps tricking the car into thinking the doors open even when its closed. The dome lights flick on and off randomly while driving, and the door light only on the drivers...
  3. GlowBugTDI

    Mk4 manual Trans weight?

    Don't know if this the right spot to post this but i am getting a manual trans for my car, and am wondering if anyone knows the weight? I think it should be able to be lifted into the trunk of my beetle, but before i make the drive i wanna know if I'll be needing a trailer or not. Thanks
  4. GlowBugTDI

    Found! WTB. ALH 02J transmission

    I'm looking for a working manual transmission for my mk4 beetle. Would like to stay in the Midwest area Wisconsin, and Minnesota would be best I think. let me know if you have one your willing to sell. Would also be interested in a full parts car for the right price. Thank you
  5. GlowBugTDI

    O2J transmission rebuild

    Hi all, car: 2001 beetle alh manuaI. I am looking into rebuilding my manual transmission as reverse is going out. Drives in reverse, but jumps out if like 1/2 throttle is applied. I have a few questions to ask. to those of you who have done this before how long does it take? How hard is it to...
  6. GlowBugTDI

    Beetle louver?

    I have never seen one of these on a mk4 beetle before and can't even find them online, but it's pretty neat! Anyone ever seen one, or know who made them? Or better yet where they can be purchased?
  7. GlowBugTDI

    Long term diesel storage

    So this may have been hashed 100 times but I haven't seen a thread, and I don't have a ton of time to look rn. I am curious about the long term effects of storing diesel. I live in MN so it has to survive the cold. The reason I am wondering is because diesel is pretty cheap at a local station...
  8. GlowBugTDI

    Where to look for click sounds?

    Hi all, I have just started to get clicks when i brake and accelerate. Its coming from the front end and I haven't had a chance to look quite yet (will do so soon) but figure I'd ask to see if there any specific things to check. Things i have noticed include: only clicks when taking off or...
  9. GlowBugTDI

    Scammer thingy.

    A new scammer thingy. They sent a Message with a link to a dating site or something dumb. Reported immediately, but just so others know. Didn't really pay attn to the username but it was like nolaen/nalaon/nolan or something like that with some numbers after it (claimed their name was emily)...
  10. GlowBugTDI

    Led lights Im...
  11. GlowBugTDI

    Clear-ish coolant

    Anyone seen clear coolant in a alh? If so what is it? I changed my coolant temp sensor today and it was clearish. I have pentofrost sf that i am putting back in, but am curious as to what it is. It used to be pink before the timing belt change
  12. GlowBugTDI

    Where to get paint?

    Im thinking about fixing some light rust on my beetles rockers. Anyone know where to get paint, or the paint codes for it? Id like to get it in a spray can if possible as i don't have an air compressor. Otherwise the rockers are getting bed lined. Its for a red beetle. Thank you.
  13. GlowBugTDI

    450 mile tank

    As stated I've been getting about 450 mile tanks in my alh beetle. I have a malone stage 3 and pp520 injectors, but even before this was avg for me. I always thought i was getting more mpg, but now realize maybe not. I do drive with fast acceleration, and 65-70 on the hwy but i know top speed...
  14. GlowBugTDI

    Where's the vender feedback thread?

    As stated, I'm looking for this thread: "vender feedback" I searched high and low with the search function and I can't find it. I'm wanting to leave positive feedback to a vender! Thank you
  15. GlowBugTDI

    Ebay Bilstein TC's correct?

    So im looking into new struts and someday TT bushings, and this is what i found on ebay for bilstein TC struts. These are the ones yall get right? Just want to check before i throw money thay way. I was hoping to get HD's but man are they pricey! Bilstein TC
  16. GlowBugTDI

    DB electrical: starter and alternators.

    Has anyone ever used any electrical parts from here DB electrical? I was going to have my bosch starter rebuilt, but learned my guy who does those locally passed away last year. I was going to get a bosch starter for my car from ID parts, but a friend sent me here first. He loves their parts...
  17. GlowBugTDI

    How an O'riellys starter locked my engine... :-(

    I know this has been talked about, but I'm putting this out there for future reference. So for everyone in the future who might be on the fence of whether or not to get a Bosch or off brand starter here is something that happened to me. I know a lot of people say not to get the cheap starters...
  18. GlowBugTDI

    Audi TT short shifter.

    I was at my local parts yard and I found a pd150 intake (15$ ching ching!) and a Audi TT that someone sent there. Was in a very lil fender bender, but that was it. kind of sad they scrapped it. Either way so I learned that the shifting whatsumacallit (sits atop trans) has a 20% reduction for...
  19. GlowBugTDI

    dog bone craziness?

    simple really. I have changed dog bones in the past on a different car and have never replaced the stretch bolts (sub frame mounting place), but this time i am wondering if i should? i haven't had issues in the past, but wonder if this is a big deal or not. I'm buying a bunch of stuff at ID...
  20. GlowBugTDI

    used engine oil down the hatch?

    Hi all, Every now and again i research biodiesel and the alike and have thought about making some (this summer maybe) tho who knows if i will actually do it. either way in my researching today i found this article here. If the name of the site doesn't scare you away 😄 from trying this i'm...