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  1. ssaric1.9TDI

    VW MK4 Dash-Free

    Does anyone need a dash for their MK4 Jetta or Golf? I have one that is just sitting in my garage in a great condition that I can give for free if you come pick it up. Cleaning out the garage. Let me know Thank you SAM
  2. ssaric1.9TDI


    Hello everyone, Currently I am in the market for buying some new tires for wifes 2013 passat. I nailed it down to 3 choices and wanted to see what everyone on here thinks about these tires and why would you chose one over another. Wheels are 17 inch so I am looking at 215/55/17 size tires. 1...
  3. ssaric1.9TDI

    2003 Wagon ALH Parts

    My 2003 Wagon was recently involved in accident and car has been totaled by insurance. I decided to keep the car for engine and transmission to use in another wagon that I bought. Everything else is for sale. The car has gray leather interior in great condition with all the door cards and all...
  4. ssaric1.9TDI

    WTB MK4 Jetta Wagon (Body Only)

    Does anyone have a mk4 Jetta Wagon body only? My current wagon got hit very bad and insurance totaled it. I kept the car since it only had 109k miles on it and a lot of new parts. Would like to find another wagon so that I can transfer all the stuff from totaled one. Needs to be rust free if...
  5. ssaric1.9TDI

    FS: 2003 VW Jetta Wagon TDI
  6. ssaric1.9TDI

    2003 VW Jetta Wagon TDI

    Anyone interested in highly modified TDI? Here is the CL link.
  7. ssaric1.9TDI

    For Sale Spare Parts

    I have few items that I would like to sell as they are collecting dust in my garage and I believe that it would serve better purpose for someone else who is in need of good working parts. 5spd Transmission EGR Code - $150 - SOLD (Reverse is out however 5th geer is good. If anyone is good at...
  8. ssaric1.9TDI

    03 vw jetta wagon

    Anyone looking for a wagon? Found this one in Nashville for 2k.
  9. ssaric1.9TDI

    WTB 5spd Manual Transmission for ALH

    Looking for used 5spd manual transmission for my 2003 ALH Jetta. I am located north of Atlanta so someone with transmission for sale around Atlanta area would be awesome. I can also come pick it up in in TN, SC, NC, FL or AL. Reason for another transmission is that my reverse went out and when...
  10. ssaric1.9TDI

    05 VW Jetta Wagon

    Anyone looking for a nice clean BEW Wagon?
  11. ssaric1.9TDI

    03 Jetta Wagon

    Anyone in Washington area looking for a Wagon? This one looks very good with low miles.
  12. ssaric1.9TDI

    Ford EcoBlue 2.0L

    Are we going to see Ford diesel in US?
  13. ssaric1.9TDI

    04 Wagon TDI

    Not mine and I don't know if anyone has seen this one on CL. Its very clean one in Raleigh NC.
  14. ssaric1.9TDI

    Santa Monica Wheel

    Looking for one santa monico 17 inch wheel. Just found out that one of my wheels has a crack and shop is asking $270.00 to repair it. Let me know if anyone has one around Atlanta are that I can come pick it up or elsewhere if the shipping is not that expensive. Thank you
  15. ssaric1.9TDI

    2000 VW Jetta TDI

    Hello friends. The day is sad as I am posting my 2000 VW Jetta TDI for sale. With the second child on the way I needed something bigger so I have acquired 05 Wagon TDI and I really don't need the white Jetta. Yeah I know I am switching from ALH to BEW. I will miss white one and perhaps one day I...
  16. ssaric1.9TDI

    2005 jetta wagon

    I am about to make a purchase of the 2005 jetta wagon, however it has a rebuilt title. Does anyone have access to carfax and can look up this vin number to tell me what kind of accident was this car involved and when? I would really appreciate. Car seems fine it drives smooth and engine is in...
  17. ssaric1.9TDI

    ECU Question

    Looking to buy 2003 Wagon stock and I have a quick question regarding the ECU. I currently have 2000 sedan with few mods and I was thinking to transfer the mods on to the 2003 Wagon, however can I also swap the ECU? Will it just be plug and play or do I have to do another ECU Tune? I was...
  18. ssaric1.9TDI

    2000 vw jetta tdi

    Hello, This my post regarding my 2000 jetta tdi. I love coming to this forum and watch all these great cars being kept up and daily driven with high mileage like they are new. Lately there has not veen many posts regarding mk4 jettas so I decided to bring this topic back to life with my post. I...
  19. ssaric1.9TDI

    MK1 and MK4 Parts For Sale

    I have few parts for sale regarding MK1 and MK4 VW's. Here is the link, feel free to contact me. Thank you Sam
  20. ssaric1.9TDI

    FS/FT 1984 VW Rabbit GTI

    FS/FT is this 1984 vw rabbit gti. It has 1.8 8v that is in great condition. The car needs interior work but I have a lot of parts for it. Currently I am out of time to work on this car between the regular work and the new born and would like to sell it or trade it for a vw that don't require...