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  1. jetta 97

    2004 golf tdi

    sold ......
  2. jetta 97

    FS: ALH Engine harness

    One of my cars got totaled and I I have complete ALH engine harness, it comes with both side of the ECU plug , big and small plug and alternator harness . This was pull form my Jetta 2000 model , but it will work on 2000-2001 models. It can work on 2002-2003 but Glow plug harness has to be...
  3. jetta 97

    FS; Passat 2004-2005 New Turbo.

    I have new turbo for Passat TDI BHW 2004-2005 that was only 300 miles in car. Decide to go upgrade and remove this one out. It is MAHLE made turbo . SOLD New turbo is about $850 shipping : OEM Part Number: 038145702G Mahle part number...
  4. jetta 97

    3D Color Premium Clusters for MK6 and MK5

    I have 3D Color premium clusters and Color premium clusters for sale. They can be install in Mk5, Jetta TDI , GLI, GTI , R32 (MK 5 need adapter for Cluster plug , SOLD separate) Or MK 6 Golf, Jetta Wagon, or Passat. I can do any combination you want , just contact me.I post some picture...
  5. jetta 97

    Golf 6/Jetta Wagon 6 - COLOR Clusters

    I have few Color clusters for sale .They wwill be with Blue or Red needles. Cluster can be install in Mk5 Jetta or Mk6 Golf/ Jetta Wagon. Price for Clusters $500-$650. Programing is available , Plug and play , even if you have your own cluster , for more info send me email or send Private...
  6. jetta 97

    FS: wrecked Jetta 2000

    I have for Sale 2000 Jetta TDI , car has 270K. This car was maintain very good , I have all records .Timing belt has left about 10000 miles, oil chnage was done on time, all filters was done on time and etc.Car has 270k . It has Stage 3 TDtuning , interior leather and in very good condition...
  7. jetta 97

    Parting out 2000 Jetta TDI 5 Speed or Complete car

    Parting out 2000 Jetta TDI , car has 270K. This car was maintain very good , I have all records .Timing belt has left about 10000 miles, oil chnage was done on time, all filters was done on time and etc. -Transmission 5 speed swap is SOLD. - Complete engine with Turbo, Injection pump...
  8. jetta 97

    FS: 2001 Jetta TDI, Lot of new parts

    SOLD. For sale 2001 Jetta TDI with manual transmission. It has 260k . Car drives very good , A/C and heater works good,interior look very good . Only thing is hood and roof has pealing off paint as all cars over 10 years has that problem in Texas. Also this is 100% Texas car , rust free. Car...
  9. jetta 97

    2006 Jetta TDI with MK6 Color premium cluster with MK6 MFSW and RNS 315

    My 2006 Jetta TDI with MK6 Color premium cluster , MK6 MFSW and RNS 315. Here is the some Pictures:
  10. jetta 97

    EDC 17 /MED 17 Immobilizer OFF service - Immo Data Programing

    EDC 17 /MED 17 Immobilizer OFF/DELETE service - Immo Data Programing. Immobilizer OFF or programing USED EDC 17 /MED 17 ECU. -EDC 17 ECU is form TDI 2009 and up -MED 17 is form Gas powered cars 2009 and up. This is also possible for anyone who can read ECU Internal Flash +Eerpom. Means if...
  11. jetta 97

    2005 Passat TDI Wagon Excellent condition

    SOLD , I have 2005 Passat Wagon with 158k that I fix almost everything on it for my wife but she does not like Automatic transmission, she want to have car with manual tranny :mad:. Car is in Excellent condition and it is 100% TEXAS car and has 0% Rust on it. Car has Brand NEW transmission...
  12. jetta 97

    FS---Full FIS SPORT Cluster 1J5 920 946 C

    I have Full FIS cluster for sale part number 1J5 920 946 C. Cluster will work in TDI Models Jetta / Golf MK4 2002-2006 models. Cluster is in very good condition. Cluster comes with 0 miles in Virgin mode, this means you will need ONLY SKC form you car. Virgin cluster do not need SKC to be...
  13. jetta 97

    Turbo for Passat TDI 2004-2005

  14. jetta 97

    Anyone have any feedback for Mahle turbo

    Hi, I want to know is anyone have any feedback about Mahle brand turbo. I have car form my self (Passat 2005 BHW) and it has this turbo install not to long ago. It is original Mahle turbo, not some chine fake. I want to know does anyone have any feedback on this brand Mahle turbo??? Thanks
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    FS: 2006 Jetta TDI Package 2 Full Option , Very NICE

    SOLD. Thank you.
  16. jetta 97

    Cluster Needle Sweep possible even if VCDS can not do it

    After hours and hours of working on this finally I was able to make this happen. I am able to enable Needle Sweep on all 2010+ clusters but only works with clusters that has NEC MCU. This including MK6 and MK5 2010 models. Here I made video that show you that Sweep in not available on VCDS ...
  17. jetta 97

    FS: ECU 038 906 012 GN with Immo off, 2002-2003 Jetta/Golf

    I have ECU 038 906 012 GN that has Immobilizer delete. This means ECU is plug and play , no adaptation needed. It will work on any Golf or Jetta 2002-2003. Price: $ 215 including shipping to lower 48 states. PM me if you interested.
  18. jetta 97

    FS: 2002 Jetta TDI 163k miles

  19. jetta 97

    FS: ECU with Rocket chip Stage 2 038 906 012GN

    SOLD. I have ECU for sale 038 906 012GN with Rocket Chip tune Stage2. ECU has tune with EGR Delete for stock engine and max boost for stock turbo. It is really nice update for stock engine. It will work on Any Jetta or Golf 2002-2003 model with ALH engine. If you interested send me PM. Thanks.