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    DPF deletion question

    Alright here goes. Can this be removed w/o any vagcom or any other adjustments? I owned '00 and '01 Jetta TDIs and have done ALL the maintenance on them and was heavily involved with TDIClub. I just sold my '01 at 240k just a few months ago and it was an awesome car! I have not been as...
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    Removal of the filler tube insert

    Is there a write-up of how to remove this? This is the part that only allows car diesel nozzles to be inserted. I have a '14 Golf TDI and filling it up is a pain compared to my old TDIs. Thanks,
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    FS: Honda 1997-2001 Service Manual CR-V

    Honda Motor Co., LTD. Service Publication 1432 pages Excellent condition, no torn pages, cover is not torn Kept in a 3" binder $55 (includes s/h)
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    FS: Bentley Service Manual-Houston

    For: GTI, Golf, Jetta Gasoline, Diesel, Turbo Diesel Including 16V 1985 - 1992 ISBN = 0-8376-0342-0 Bentley Stock Number = VG92 Great condition with no ripped pages. Cover is not torn. $40 total (s/h included)
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    2014 Golf floor mats & cargo Loks

    When I bought my 2014 Golf TDI, these were in the hatch. They are still in the original, unopened plastic coverings. 4 carpeted floor mats that have 'Golf' on them. P/N = 5K0.061.370.A.WGK. $50 Cargo Loks--8 pieces. These are the black plastic velcro pieces that hold items stationary...
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    Misc new parts for A4 '00 & '01 Jetta TDI

    I sold both of my TDIs and here's what I have left over: right side tie rod with steering rack boot. P/N = 1J0 422 804 B. Note: this does not include the tie rod end. Includes the large diameter ring clamp for the boot. $20 left side tie rod with steering rack boot. P/N = 1J0 422 803...
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    FS: 2001 Jetta TDI 5-spd in Houston

    1 owner, non-smoker Silver with gray cloth, GL $4500 Complete maintenance records. All work performed by me. NEVER saw ANY shop! Car made only 1 out-of-state trip. Rest of time it was only used for work 230,322 miles. 10.5 years of 74 miles/day commute. Covered parking at work Garage kept...
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    2.0l tdi

    Can someone tell me when the current engine, 2.0L TDI, began production? Was it in 2010? Thanks for the help.
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    2014 Golf TDI 6-spd

    Last weekend I bought it. But I have many questions. I know everything (almost) about my 2001 Jetta TDI 5-spd with 230,000 miles but not much about the new TDI. I did all the work on the '01 and it is bullet proof but after 13.5 years, I wanted a new TDI. How long has the engine been...
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    RNS-315 Radio Problem

    My wife's Passat 2012 SE 2.5L was bought new last December. The radio screen would sometimes turn off (or at least it was blank) but the audio was still on. To get the screen back, the radio had to be turned off then back on. When we took it in to the dealer for the 90 day check, we told...
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    Lift pads & Bentley

    Are there lift pads for the 2012 Passat? I'm looking for ones like I installed on my Jettas when they were new. Also, when is the Bentley coming out for the 2012 Passat? I keeo searching the web and no luck. Thanks!
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    Insulation blowing out of vents

    Hi all, I read the several threads about this topic a while ago. I remember people asking if there's another way to get to the vents without removing the dash. I have a few questions: Is there another way With all of the insulation done blowing out of the vents, does this mean my recirc is...
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    FS: 2000 Jetta TDI, GL, Auto

    183,700 miles (this was the car used for family vacations driving around the US) No accidents 1 owner Non-smoker Complete maintenance records Lifetime fuel mileage = 42 mpg $3,800 Exterior = dark green, interior = beige Garaged nightly every day 30,500 miles until next timing belt New...
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    AC Compressor or alternator pulley

    Car: '00 Jetta TDI, auto with 177k Symptoms: 'clattering, vibration type sound' when AC on. When the ac is turned off, the noise goes away sometime not instantly. Here's what I did: - removed belt and turned the alt pulley in both directions--it locked in one direction as it should -...
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    How do I know if alternator pulley is bad

    Hi, On my wife's '00 Jetta TDI with 174,000miles, I get the 'noise' everyone is talking about when the ac is on. Many people said it's the alt pulley. Someone said to check the alt pulley, stick a screw driver in the vanes to prevent it from rotating in one direction. I did this and the...
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    VR6 front spring part number

    Hi, I want to put VR6 springs on the front of my '01 TDI Jetta 5spd. I understand they will give a slight lift. I called the dealer and they have a million spring part numbers. Can someone please tell me the part number I need? What color code should it have? I mainly need the p/n. I...
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    Coolant hose kit

    I need to change all of my hoses on my '01 Jetta TDI 5 spd. I did this a few years ago on my wife's TDI and there was quite a bit of research to get the correct hoses. I didn't buy them from the dealer. Is there someone that sells a kit containing all of the hoses? Similar to the TB kits...
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    TB Change Tip #2

    Here's another tip for PS fluid change: Do it at the end of the TB job while the front end is still on jack stands--this takes all the pressure off the PS unit Have 4 liters of PS fluid on hand Disconnect the low pressure line from the rear of the PS reservoir and plug or cap the hole in the...
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    TB Change Tip

    It's been a while since I read these threads. I see there are still problems with TB changes and most of the replies are to double check the pump. This has been the case ever since I started on this board. I did my first TB change years ago and it took me nearly as long to adjust the pump as...
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    A Word about Metalmanparts

    A Word About I need to say a few great things about him and the way he runs his business. I've been buying all my supplies from him for both my TDIs over the past few years. He always knows exactly what I need and gives great tips. Sometimes I contact him on a Sunday and he...