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  1. 2004PassatTDI

    B5.5 Max Tank at 985.4 miles

    I wanted to give a max tank run another try to see if I could beat my all-time best of 901.4 miles. At that time (May of 2008) the Passat had 45,000 miles on the clock. Now at 182,000 miles, the max tank trial came in at 985.4 miles (odometer reading). I was originally trying to hit 930...
  2. 2004PassatTDI

    Des Plaines Illinois to Rock Hill S.C.

    Des Plaines Illinois to Rock Hill South Carolina. Door to door distance = 810 miles (13-hours). I’m thinking the following route: • Des Plaines, Illinois - 294 to 94 • Gary, Indiana – South on 65 • Indianapolis, Indiana – 65 • Louisville, Kentucky – 65 - 64 • Lexington, Kentucky – 64 - 75 •...
  3. 2004PassatTDI

    The "What did someone do to your B5 Passat today" thread...

    It has been repaired, and nobody was hurt. Just a big pain in the rear end.
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  5. 2004PassatTDI

    Windshield trim removal

    I'm having a little trouble removing the black plastic trim at the base of the windshield. I did slide off the clip in the center, but it did not seem to help. Could the trim be glued in when the windshield was replaced? Does anyone have some tips? Thanks in advance. Ernst
  6. 2004PassatTDI

    B5.5 $2,000, Chicago

    SOLD - B5.5 $2,000, Chicago Sold. I'm posting this for a friend. 2005 Volkswagen Passat TDI , leather-GLS package with 275,000 miles. Original owner. No accidents. The front fenders were replaced 2 months ago by VW warranty. Black leather interior. The issue...
  7. 2004PassatTDI

    Oil Pressure

    Is there an oil pressure relief spring anywhere in the oil circuit? Has anyone ever heard of these springs wearing out or breaking, assuming it exists?
  8. 2004PassatTDI

    2004 Passat, Chicago $7,950 Not mine, but I know this car. It is very nice.
  9. 2004PassatTDI

    Part Number Request

    It's the driver's side sub-frame rear support (triangular shaped bracket). I've looked on other sites, but have not found any matches for the TDI. Thanks in advance, Ernst
  10. 2004PassatTDI

    10 Year Old B5.5

    Not bad looking for 160,000 miles (IMO), and runs great! I'm headed south in the fall, and will try to break my personal best tank of 901 miles. Does anyone have ideas on how to refurbish the black color on the front plastic grills? I've used Armor-All, but that fades after a few days...
  11. 2004PassatTDI

    B5.5 stock springs/shocks (4,000 miles)

    I replaced the suspension 4,000 miles after I got the car.They have been sitting in a box for 10 years.Any idea what these may be worth..if anything? Yes, there are a total of 4 springs and 4 shocks. Thanks, Ernst
  12. 2004PassatTDI

    @140,000 Miles. PM items given what we know.

    A friend of mine (Passat-Powerstroke - add edit) who replaced the BSM and camshaft at 180,000 (corrected from 160,000 - add edit) miles had the new geared BSM's hex shaft round out at 260,000 miles. No oil pressure! He sent me pictures of the rounded shaft. Assuming the GBSM was installed/lashed...
  13. 2004PassatTDI

    Indiana - Black 2004/5 Passat TDI

    Going north on I-65 Sunday evening (3/4/12). You have the red "TDI" badge. You turned off around mile marker 76. I was in the 2004 Silver/Gray Passat TDI with red badge. Was the black Ford an unmarked trooper? Ernst
  14. 2004PassatTDI

    Oak Brook ILL to Hillsboro Beach FL.

    I’m leaving Friday afternoon from Oak Brook Illinois with a destination of Hillsboro Beach Florida. I plan to spend the night in Chattanooga (Hwy 75), then head to Savannah (Hwy 16) so that I can drive along the coast on Hwy 95. The next two days will be spent in Saint Augustine Beach, right on...
  15. 2004PassatTDI

    H7 glass is blistered.

    I was wondering if anyone has experienced the above. If so, what was the fix? I replace the original OEM head light bulbs several years ago with the Silver Stars, and was very happy with their performance. When one burnt out last March, I replaced both with the next grade up (don’t recall the...
  16. 2004PassatTDI

    2004 Passat CAT back straight pipe

    Removed the muffler and resonator. Not too loud, yet there is a little growl. Not much turbo whooshing. Have a listen.
  17. 2004PassatTDI

    Custom Exhaust Shop, Charlotte area?

    I would like to have a CAT back stainless steel exhaust made and installed on a B5.5. I would also like to have the resonator and muffler removed. Can anyone recommend a shop within 100 miles of Charlotte? Thank you.
  18. 2004PassatTDI

    901.4 Miles With 1 Tank

    18.186 Gallons 49.57 MPG No AC Windows up Fresh air vent open 2-Cycle oil @ 1:128 Front grill with opened air holes in front of air intake Removed snow screen Modified airbox New air filter Fresh oil change Vented RC2 Lowered 1.2" Rear lip spoiler No drafting (sorry Jackie Stewart) 44 PSIG all...
  19. 2004PassatTDI

    04/05 Silver Passat, York Industrial Park, SC

    I see you driving past my office window on Park Place Road. Anyone here?
  20. 2004PassatTDI

    EGT thermocouple placement

    I was wondering if anyone has installed an EGT gauge for the Passat 2.0L TDI. If so, where exactly did you place the thermocouple? Thanks in advance. Ernst