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    Had a need of good condition ALH

    run away Big time boat anchor.Three bent rods,1 melted piston.Head is scrap burned valve and seat into head casting..cylinder scored .turbo toast all headed to scrap yard.
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    Readiness: EGR - Failed or incomplete

    readiness You are allowed 1 readiness incomplete in Ontario drive clean .
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    03 Jetta conversion

    More build piictures
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  11. build pics

    build pics

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    03 Jetta conversion

    Got my retirement project on the road after a busy year.Started with a busted t belt car that I scooped at work before retirement.Rebuilt motor to stock form. All body mods done by myself except for aluminum checkerplate box under the rear deck lid[reflection of rear glass on lid] Cut up...
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    AAZ engine swap not cooling. Hose routing?

    Aaz cooling I see that the rad is upside down in the photo,thats ok but you need vent line from the top of rad to the coolant bottle .Thats what the original setup has.The vent hose at the coolant outlet on the head is lower then the rad so air and steam stay trapped in the rad.Nice install...
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    AC hi on low pressure side no cooling

    Ac Check the heater control lever under the heater box above the tunnel.The lever pops off the mix door .Can reached from pass side by moving center consule back.The lever fits one way,so you might have to line it up and push it back on.
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    BEW or ALH block?

    PD or ALH Using a pd bottom end not work with an alh computer system.The crank shaft reluctor is incorrect,has too many notches.Consists of a pulse train about 60 notches were as an alh has only 4 notches.Reluctors are not interchangeable so I was informed.
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    02 with Vibration on hard Acceleration

    vib on hard acell Remove LH drive shaft and inspect inner CvJ. LH shaft wears more than RH because of length
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    oil manifold for better camshaft lubrication

    Oil manifold Sensor thread is 10x1 mm ,same as glow plug size.Could be an issue finding metric fittings locally.
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    Engine speed crankshaft flange

    Will the engine speed flange from a Alh fit on a Bew crank shaft? Customer has bew block assy with Alh head and mechanical inj pump,need to change over to edc system. Alh has 4 notches, bew has more notches possible 60.
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    1993 MK3 clock to tach?

    mk3 tach You will need an inst cluster from a diesel since the tach runs from the alternator.Not sure if the wiring is there for it,but not hooked up. Possible alternator required with tach terminal also.At one time there was a stand alone tach available.