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  1. fabed23

    SOLD: VCDS Vag-Com Cable (KII-USB)

    Sold my 2000 Jetta and no longer needed. $160 shipped. Email is quickest Thanks fabed 23 @ gmail .com
  2. fabed23

    pending sale**$3750** - 2000 Jetta TDi - RC4, pp764s, GT1756 hybrid, etc

    pending sale 2000 Jetta Tdi ALH - 5spd - Owned since 2012 when I bought it with 153k miles. 239,000 miles -GT1756 hybrid turbo -RocketChip Stage 4 tune -PP764 injectors -3 Bar MAP -PD150 intake -Upgraded side mount intercooler -2.5" Buzzken turboback full exhaust w/ resonator -Newer Southbend...
  3. fabed23


    I have upgraded parts to my 2000 ALH Jetta. All of these parts were in working condition and had approximately 220k miles. Have not had time to clean parts up. Price does not include shipping and I will advise on shipping price when shipped. Located in Western NC. Thank you! All prices are OBO...
  4. fabed23

    WTB: PD150 EGR Hose

    Looking for a PD150 EGR hose to fit onto a passenger side PD150 intake manifold on my 2000 ALH. PM me if available/for sale. Thank you.
  5. fabed23

    FS: MKIV Heater Core

    I have a perfectly fine operating VW OEM heater core for sale that came off my 2000 jetta tdi on 5/31/15 @ 195,347 miles. $45 + shipping I have photos upon request. Please PM me and I can give more info/pics if needed.
  6. fabed23

    WTB: Heated Seats Harness/Wiring

    I have the leather seats and buttons that go in dash but need the harness/wiring that connects the seats to the buttons. Please reply or PM me if you have available. Thanks.
  7. fabed23

    Feeler: Defender Skid Plate (MK4)

    I have a Defender skid plate that I would like to sell. I have all necessary tools and accessories to install it. I am looking to go to aluminum skid plate instead. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like photos. $175 picked up locally in Atlanta, GA area or Asheville, NC...
  8. fabed23

    FS: Hardback Bentley Manual (MKIV)

    FS: Hardback Bentley Manual (MKIV) Vol.1 & 2 MKIV bentley manuals vol1 and 2 $75 + shipping out of Asheville NC PM me with your email and I will send photos to your email from there. Both are in good condition - no tears
  9. fabed23

    Fs: Mk4 jetta taillights (gli style - smoked)

    SOLD - Fs: Mk4 jetta taillights (gli style - smoked) I bought from VOLXTUNING.COM less than a year ago. Need some extra cash so going back to stock taillights. No cracks or leaks. See photos below Asking...
  10. fabed23

    WTB: .658 5th gear (will consider .681)

    Looking for a .658 5th gear set. Please let me know what is all included with the set. PM's will do. Thanks!
  11. fabed23

    Bilstein HD's on Mexican Roads?

    Although many may not be able to relate to driving daily on mexican roads and hwy's...but I wanted to see if anyone could chime in on how well they will hold up here in Mexico (Monterrey,NL). I have stock suspension and some worn front end parts and I will soon do a suspension refresh..Bilstein...
  12. fabed23

    Interchangeable AC fan? TDI and 1.8t/2.0?

    I had my driver side ac fan stop on me again (I had taken it apart a few months back and cleaned it up and noticed the brush holders had melted a little bit to the I freed the brushholders up and they were good. I guess they melted off again and I dont feel like fooling with fixing...
  13. fabed23

    2001 Golf 5spd TDI - $3300 - South TX

    This is not my ad on craigslsit. I just happen to keep my eye out for those that are close to me being that I am living in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon right now. I keep my eye out for good deals even when I am out of the I figured those who were interested may like this find. I called...
  14. fabed23

    FS: 99-05 Billet Grille / Badgeless - Like New

    Photos upon request. Black in color. Perfect condition. $35 + shipping which should be cheap you choose the best shipping for you. Need gone asap
  15. fabed23

    99-05 Bentley Manuals (Vol. 1 & 2) Hardcover - Brand New

    Brand new. Both volumes. I have the paperback version so need to rid these while I am in town if anyone needs them. There are no rips, tears, markings, etc. All I did was open the plastic and they sat there indoors. Pictures and other questions upon request/pm/post. Asking $60 for both plus...
  16. fabed23

    FS: 99-05 MKIV Brand New Bentley Manual Hardback (vol.1 & vol.2)

    Brand new. Never opened the manual. Received a paperback so am getting rid of the hardback both volumes 1 & 2. For 99.5-2005 Golf, Jetta, GTI Paid $80 + shipping. Will take $60 plus shipping for the set. Thanks
  17. fabed23

    FS: Used BOSCH starter (still works)

    Bosch used starter. Here are all the numbers I got off the starter. 25286. 02a911023r. 967 13. Bosch. It DOES still work. Has the very faint squawk to it due to dust built up and is 100% functioning. $50 shipped
  18. fabed23

    ** WTB: VR6-or-WAGON SPRINGS **

    Looking for vr6/jetta wagon springs to lift my car a little and give it the ride it needs since i just installed a hitch receiver. thanks PM or post
  19. fabed23

    WTB: ASV ACTUATOR (MKIV) - (Anti Shudder Valve Actuator)

    If anyone has one of these to sell please PM or email me. Thanks. I will paypal cash over
  20. fabed23

    MAF CONNECTOR - Contacts & Connector wire/contact necessary?

    I am wanting to replace my MAF connector (internal plastics are rotting etc). This is part# 1J0973775A. I have ordered this already. My main questions: Do I need this part (connector wire) part # 000979133A/000979133E in order to change out the connector also? Also, I had one of my...