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    VWA wants to test my emission corrected JSW

    About 2 weeks after I had my 2011 JSW TDI emission fix done, I got a call from a VW representative in Michigan asking if I would be willing to allow my car to be used for a California emission fix verification. Apparently I was randomly selected to participate. I will have to give up my car for...
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    Yes, it's a Diesel....
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    RIP Kombi

    The iconic "bus" is about to cease production at it's last remaining plant in Brazil. I had two, definitely a love/hate relationship. Bring on the BULLI!
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    Novel way to save fuel.....

    From South Korea....
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    Honda minivan features

    Ran across this today, for all the Honda haters out there, you can now accurately say that Honda minivans 'suck' :D
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    Not TDI news, but interesting none the less...
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    Biomass (not algae) production quantity fuel refinery now operational,industry_alt,aid_255472&dfpLayout=article
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    Rear wiper (non) use....

    So today it is raining in Los Angeles, I am on my 70 mile commute to work, dealing with the plethoria of jackknifed big rigs and assorted other car crash mayhem that accompanies rain here. It is pre-dawn, and I of course am running both front and rear wipers on my JSW, and I am taking note of...
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    Hypothetical musings......

    First off let me say that I am a big proponent of clean air and low-emission vehicles. This is NOT an attempt to circumvent any emissions equipment.This is more about trying to mine the forum expertice on the effects of emission control strategies and their impact on fuel mileage. So I was...
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    Non-food based fuel passes flight tests.

    Interesting developmnent....,industry_aero,industry_alt,bid_27,aid_253717&dfpLayout=blog
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    MQB JSW, when will we see it in US?

    I know it will be delayed for quite a while while they concentrate on the sedans, in essence there will be no truly 2014 JSW's, but has anyone heard any rumors of when we will finally get it here?:confused:
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    Interesting article on emerging fuel saving technologies

    Granted, many of these are ones we are already well aware of, but thee are some new ones also....particularily the development of a gsoline compression ignition engine.
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    This company cleans our DPF's!

    Thanks to FormerOwner for this link, thought it should have it's own thread. If anyone knows of others, please post them!
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    Mis-fueling prevention ideas

    OK, I recieved one of those "talking birthday cards" the other day, and I was intrigued that they are able to produce the electronics now so affordably. It got me to thinking....why not have one of these attached to the inside of the fuel filler door that is activated when the door is opened and...
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    Navy considering using Biofuels....,industry_alt,industry_gov,aid_246262&dfpLayout=article
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    All windows down 1" automatically, is this possible?

    I routinely 'crack' all of the windows a bit when parking in hot areas, and mow I have to do each window one at a time. I have always wondered why manufacturers don't have a separate interior switch that would allow you to control all windows up & down concurrently. On my NewBeetle, the key can...
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    Drl question...

    OK, this whould be an easy one for someone in the know....some mornings when I start my car at about dawn, sometimes the DRL's come on, sometimes they don't, at least until I start driving. What's up with that? It's a 2011 JSW by the way....:confused:
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    How does one....

    use the VCDS to pre-charge the fuel system after a fuel filter change on a late model 2011 MK6 TDI? I'm new to the VCDS & TDI's so any help or link to this topic would be appreciated.:confused:
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    The VW Glass Factory in Dresden

    For those who perhaps haven't seen VW Phaeton's being built in this stunning factory.
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    Cool little CR TDI features you have discovered....

    OK, perhaps time for a more upbeat thread while we wait for out HPFP to explode, or our intercoolers to become reservoirs. Please share your findings. my first trip in the rain, playing with different wiper settings and I discovered when the wipers are on continuously (not on...