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  1. Doc_Oc

    B8 Audi A4 with 2.0 TFSI to TDI

    The 2.0 engine has low oil pressure. It was rebuilt at 140k kms. At 190k the entire timing (chains, rails, etc) has been replaced. Now, at 275k who knows what's broken:) I'm considering a swap to TDI. 3.0 So, I'm looking for any information I can get. Who can source an engine and all the needed...
  2. Doc_Oc

    Need to rent or borrow timing belt tools (ALH)

    I have them too and live in Orangeville.
  3. Doc_Oc

    LF: Audi A4 B6 wagon

    What the f*** is wrong with a RED one? :) Not selling it to you to put a TDI in it, then rub it in my face:) And it's a slushbox anyways:)
  4. Doc_Oc

    Aquapel $8.99

    I have been using both for 10 years (aquapel and rainx). I was always able to get all my windows and mirrors covered with one applicator (aquapel). It lasts at least 6 months too. Rainx washer fluid is the only fluid I use and never had a problem in 2 Golfs, 2 Audis and a Passat. It does work a...
  5. Doc_Oc

    FS: Doniol boost and EGT gauge

    Pics updated. Please get this off my hands!
  6. Doc_Oc

    FS: Roof rack with ski/snowboard carrier

    Price dropped
  7. Doc_Oc

    FS: A lot of goodies

    Prices dropped!
  8. Doc_Oc

    FS: Doniol boost and EGT gauge

    Sold! Asking 250$ plus shipping. All the wiring, includes 6' of K wire for the EGT probe. 2 K connectors as well. 2.5" EGT probe, brand new. Matches the MKIV instrument cluster colors perfectly. I had it installed for 2 years. I'm selling the car and the gauge came out. Installed, in day...
  9. Doc_Oc

    FS: A lot of goodies

    Offers are welcomed. I need these gone sooner rather than later!
  10. Doc_Oc

    FS: Roof rack with ski/snowboard carrier

    I would have thought these would sell first. Price IS negotiable.
  11. Doc_Oc

    FS: Roof rack with ski/snowboard carrier

  12. Doc_Oc

    FS: PD150 intake + race pipe + TIP

    Sold PD 150 intake painted black Race pipe (you can use your stock 90 elbow) Turbo inlet pipe and a shorter than stock accordion hose for it. How's 250$?
  13. Doc_Oc

    FS: A lot of goodies

    No springs. They have been installed with Moog heavy duty springs.
  14. Doc_Oc

    FS: A lot of goodies

    Not sure. I can measure the length of my Golf's rocker panel and the skirts and report back!
  15. Doc_Oc

    FS: A lot of goodies

    Rieger side skirts painter Reflex Silver (Rieger manufactured, not replicas. Flexible plastic not fiberglass)...................150$ (it includes 3M double sided tape) Winter tires Gislaved Nordfrost 5, 10000kms on them, 70% thread left, on steel rims. 195/65/15 and 5X100 rims...350$ Pics will...
  16. Doc_Oc

    First owner car, possible accident and clear title?

    I was under the impression that even quotes from body shops (reputable ones) show on carproof. With the VIN number, call a dealer and ask them to check it. I was looking into a 2009 Audi A4 and when I called the dealer they told me minor frame touch up shows for that VIN. Again, Carfax didn't...
  17. Doc_Oc

    anyone selling their tdi ?

    You got pm.
  18. Doc_Oc

    Anyone have...

    pm'ed as well
  19. Doc_Oc

    New e-test

    Subscribed:) Have an EGR delete myself.
  20. Doc_Oc

    Beef on a Budget. VR6/Wagon springs

    I pulled my struts out this weekend to add another spacer (a total of 2) and I was surprised to see that not even a month after the original install, the strut bearings are done. There was so much play in them (side to side) I wasn't comfortable installing them again. I had a used pair (only...