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    Odd lighting issue

    Hi all, I have an odd lighting issue on a 2004 Jetta TDI. High beam was out on drivers side, replaced the bulb and now high beam is working but low beam not. Tried 3 different bulbs and same result. Fuse is OK. Any ideas? Thanks, J.
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    WTB: Lower engine cover 2004 BEW auto

    Hi, Looking for the original (plastic) lower engine cover for a 04 Jetta TDI (BEW) with auto transmission. Thanks! J.
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    Monsoon Radio in non Monsoon setup problem

    Hi fellow TDI'lers, I have a 2004 GL TDI. Somebody ripped out the radio and caused a lot of damage. I was finally able to get everything back together after getting some parts from eBay. I got a double DIN Monsoon radio but I think the speakers are non Monsoon and there's no amplifier in the...
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    2004 Jetta BEW (PD) overheating

    Hi all, I have a strange problem with my 2004 Jetta TDI with BEW engine (PD). The engine started overheating going uphill. Had to get it towed. First shop did all kinds of checks of the cooling system (incl. pressure) and couldn't reproduce the problem. I picked it up and drove a few miles and...
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    Electrical problem MK4

    Hi all, I blew the 12V outlet (front) fuse in yesterday. Replaced it but outlet still has no power. Pulled out the fuse again and checked with a voltmeter, not even power in the fuse panel. Any ideas how to fix this? Is there a hidden fuse somewhere else? Have similar issue with 1998 TDI. Any...