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    Info on my strange fuel economy issues.

    So those who have been around for a while will remember my posts. I sorta gave up and just settled I was going to get 30mpg no matter what in my car. Well about 3 months back I looked at the tire and the whole inside got eaten up very quickly. Whole front suspension besides inner tie rods had...
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    Strange ccv issue I believe.

    So my old ccv was original as far as I know and it was blowing past the rubber grommet. So I put a new aftermarket one on and I don’t have anymore oil on top the valve cover coming from it. But I got the front main seal replaced and it started leaking bad. They replaced it again this time with a...
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    Fan control switch questions.

    First, can this cause the compressor to turn on and the fans not to turn on low speed? Fans are tested and work on low when jumped out. Second, does anyone have some instructions on how to test the switch itself? Or is it just a open closed internally based on temperature. Sent from my...
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    New beetle tire size question.

    What do you guys use for oversized tires that work well? Looking at 215 75 r15 vs the stock ones. Car has about 1.4inch of lift as well. Just trying to figure out what can fit for some tires with a hefty sidewall. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Where to buy a VE pump currently...

    So I've read a lot of good about boraparts (cascade german now). I see they have a czech new bosch pump for $1200. How would this compare to the Reman they sell that costs more? Also does anyone know if this pump (the new with refurb PN) is the same as the one that you would receive at a dealer...
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    Low power and missing under load...

    Does anybody have any ideas for me here? We did some on it and decided to send it to the VW mechanic. VW mechanic went thru everything and doesn't see any signs of anything having issue. No codes, clean intake, fresh fuel filter. Tried it on both Malone tunes I have and it does the same. Map is...
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    Checking for air suction prior to fuel filter.

    Anybody can help me out with what I would need to do this? At idle the car runs well. Under load it will start to miss and now I’m thinking I may have a hose letting a little bit of air in. Being at idle it doesn’t run bad I figure a mighty vac might not pull hard and fast enough to make it...
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    VW fuel hose PN, can't find it in diagrams..

    If anybody can help me out finding this PN that would be great. Its the lines that go from the under body hose fittings to the fuel filter. They have that special connector on them. We did some more looking around and it appears that the feed lines to my fuel filter could very well be letting...
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    Tune problems and questions.

    Emailed Malone but haven’t heard back yet. Since I put my new chips in (99s suck) with my new map. Fuel economy went up but now that I’m driving it a little harder I have a miss under load. VCDS shows fueling going down as the egr opens to upwards of 80%. Do you guys think they forgot to turn...
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    2018 starlink bugs

    So it started with the system occasionally not booting properly and Subaru said it was a bug. Now it’s stuck on sxm service loading, WiFi doesn’t work, and carplay comes up with a error. Go figure. Even factory reset won’t reset the unit. Any suggestions for me? Sent from my iPhone using...
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    Part under hood causing throttle limp mode.

    Asked this on another post a while back but nobody ever said where or what it is. Just there is something under the hood that when wet causes the throttle pedal limp mode. It happened today in hard rain but I was stopped and didn't go thru any see water or anything. Anybody can help me find out...
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    Solid metal LCA bushings

    I happened to come across these on another forum with some good comments about them. Never saw them come up on here so I figured I would post a link incase anybody ever decides to go that route. Expensive but I guess depending on what your project is they may work out...
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    99 Beetle map sensor connector..

    I know it feels like almost every connector on my car is the old style square. Does anybody know if the map is square or D shaped? I got my new map coming but its D shaped. Its a pain to get in there so I don't wanna pull the beetle apart twice to find out about the connector.
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    Subaru crosstrek?

    Looking at getting rid of my Lincoln hybrid for a crosstrek with eyesight. Anybody have any experience? 9in of ground clearance, good resale, and head room attracts me. It is a little underpowered but I can deal I'm sure. Would get a vw but the resale eats it now. Newer stuff anyways. Sent...
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    Front subframe bushings, solid or TT?

    Debating between using the TT 2 piece bushings and the tyrolsport solid ones. Whats the opinions on the 2?
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    Suspension adjustment questions.

    So on my beetle my front drivers side the camber isn't coming fully into spec. What's the best kit for this one? Just need something that will do the job nothing fancy. Also my drivers rear the toe is out. Do we think this could just be worn bushings or should I get a kit for that as well...
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    Beetle inside door handle for opening the door.

    Mine doesn't stay snapped down in the front anymore. Suspect this is common but can't find much info on it. Anybody know of a fix without replacing the whole piece? It pops up when you open the door and has been progressively getting worse. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Rear axle shims.

    We're gonna be doing this on 2 cars soon and was wondering if someone could post me the link to the person who sells them. Both are barely out of spec. The beetle eats up a tire in 15-20k miles. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Map sensor failure symptoms.

    Trying to judge a couple things on my car and this is kinda a 2 part question. When a map sensor is failing has anyone ever had it report higher boost than it's getting? Second part, if the map sensor is saying to the ecu I'm getting 20lb of boost does the ecu fuel for 20lb of boost? I know...
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    Heads up about orilley auto parts.

    The lifetime warranty is now 90days. I know they sell a lot of junk but it may be time to move away from them completely on the small amount of good parts they sell. Limited lifetime warranty is what they believe to be the life of the part. Which is apparently 90days. Sent from my iPhone...