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  1. peace_of_soul

    New Break-in Procedure or Same?

    We just acquired our 2012 Passat (TDI SE, 6M) on Saturday, with a whopping 7.6 miles on the odometer, and are looking for confirmation on break-in procedure. Summarily, are the existing suggestions still what we're going with or should we be doing something different? The reason I ask is...
  2. peace_of_soul

    Pascal the 2012 Passat

    Welcome to the family, Pascal! He arrived last night here in Indy and we picked him up today. First big road trip planned for June (Indy to Oregon). Until then we'll just have to make more frequent trips to the North side. Window tinting and clear bra planned for Monday. (Alison)
  3. peace_of_soul

    VW Gasser Shop in Helena, MT?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for someone to work on a gasser NB in Helena? My mom just moved out to Helena and is having some electrical issues with her 2006 NB Turbo. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks! Alison
  4. peace_of_soul

    Moving to Lincoln

    Are there any TDIers in the greater Lincoln area? We will be there toward the end of July. It would be great to know some nice people out there! Thanks, Eric and Alison
  5. peace_of_soul

    Serpentine Belt Tensioner - Right/Wrong Install?

    If you'd like to skip the back story and the realization of the cold hard truth that has dawned upon us, the question is in bold at the end. After replacing the A/C compressor this summer, cleaning the intake manifold (so clogged the car could barely get into second gear without serious...
  6. peace_of_soul

    Need-to-Knows after Extended Intake Manifold Cleaning?

    We recently pulled off the intake manifold on Ella, our 2000 ALH, to clean her. She was about 75% clogged. Bolts 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6 came off without struggle but 2 thwarted us and will have to be replaced. We ordered the whole kit (incl. gaskets) from World Impex and are awaiting their...
  7. peace_of_soul

    Great Mechanic in VA/DC/MD/NC Area

    Eric and I wanted to throw in our thanks and recommendation for Tom in Stafford (ninedee_golf_tdi) if you need work done. We are both TDI Newbies and took our "Ella" down to Tom for a going over, and what turned out to be an education in all things diesel. Even though we were late...
  8. peace_of_soul

    CEL, Code 19456?

    Does anyone have a manual or something they can run that code in to and tell me what it means? I scanned the car this morning with a VAG scanner I keep in the glovebox, but need to know if this is a "Stop Driving" code or a "Get me to the shop soon" code or a "Whatever, clear it and move on"...
  9. peace_of_soul

    Pressure Washer?

    Anyone with a pressure washer in the NoVA/DC/MD area they wouldn't mind lending out for an afternoon? I need to do an intake manifold cleaning (along with a MAF replacement, to hopefully resolve a rough idle and black smoke) and don't currently have a pressure washer. I'd like to do the work...
  10. peace_of_soul

    A/C Compressor replacement in DC - anyone w/ a evac machine?

    I will be replacing my a/c compressor in the near future. I have read this thread which was very helpful. Before I try to tow my car to Jiffy Lube and have them do an evac/charge for me, I was...
  11. peace_of_soul

    Drive Belt/Air Conditioner Compressor

    I (and I, in this case, am Eric's girlfriend) have been searching the forums most of the morning to no avail. Perhaps I am not looking in the right places, but if someone could point me in the right direction that would be great. :D We have a 2000 Jetta with 180K. We are concerned about a...
  12. peace_of_soul

    WTB: Passenger Rear Brake Caliper

    Looking for rear brake caliper for 2000 Jetta. Rookie mistake: I let idiot roommate suggest we "bleed" the brakes . . . with the caliper and pads removed from the rotor. *STUPID* :mad: :mad: :mad:
  13. peace_of_soul

    Battery Question

    Does anyone know if running a battery all the way down and having to jump start it (twice) will ruin an alternator? Does anyone know how to test for this issue? Thanks!
  14. peace_of_soul

    New Diesel Owner - Obvious Question

    I know this should be obvious, but since it hasn't been said yes or no . . . can a TDI with no modifications run on biodiesel? Does anyone have a recommendation on what to start out with? Many thanks for your patience with my ignorance.