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  1. TDI_Cubed

    SOLD - Maryland - Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 Studless Snow & Ice with Sport Edition Rims

    Set of 4 Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 Studless Snow & Ice with Sport Edition Rims, 255/50R17 New Condition. Used one season. Moving to Texas and no longer needed. SOLD Used on my 2014 BMW 328Dx Bridgestone Blizzak w/ Rims Size: 255/50R17 Set of 4
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    SOLD - Metalnerd's VW Tools - Maryland

    Selling my Jettas and no longer need the tools listed below: TDI Timing Belt Tools : Kit1 BEWBHWKit4PC & Kit1 MNA4Kit 7 PC Strut Nut Tool Trifecta 3 pc Triple Square Bits Rear Brake Reset Tool SubJ Part MNBUKT BRM Socket Buster 200.00.
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    SOLD - FS: 2003 ALH Jetta GLS - Maryland

    For Sale 2003 Silver Jetta 4 door TDI GLS - 3k or best offer. Good: 5 speed conversion performed by Cuz's TDI Werks in Stafford, including new clutch & throw-out bearing, new actuator for turbo, all new wiring associated with conversion, 4 almost new tires, new brakes all wheels, Bad: A/C not...
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    Mechanic near Gaithersburg, MD

    Getting my 03 Jetta ready to sell. Need to have the A/C checked as it isnt working. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
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    SOLD - Maryland - Continental WinterContact™

    1 set of 4 Continental ExtraWinterContact tires with black rims. Size: 195/65 R 15 8 95 T Steel Wheel Used for two seasons only. SOLD Serious Inquires only! Great condition! Stored covered.
  6. TDI_Cubed

    Turbo Issues

    My turbo output intermittently fails around 3K rpm. Most of the time, it functions without any issues. I'm very familiar with the limp mode, and this doesn't fit the symptoms I have experienced when limp mode was the cause. I had the actuator replaced last June. Thanks for any insights.
  7. TDI_Cubed

    Guru Assistance requested

    Auto to Manual Guru Assistance requested I'm looking for a guru who performs the auto to 5 speed conversion. My 03 Jetta automatic is beginning to not shift out of first. I have 90% of the required components which came out of an 01 Jetta. I need to get this done as soon as possible. Thanks...
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    Auto to 5 speed swap near DC

    I have an 03 Jetta automatic that is starting to be an issue. Looking for someone who has a good track record performing the auto to 5 speed swap. I have most of the required parts.
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    auto to manual conversion in DC area

    Anyone know if there are any TDIClub vetted mechanics in the NCR that perform auto to manual conversions?
  10. TDI_Cubed

    Frostheater Question - Thanks in Advance!

    I attempted a search and was not able to find a thread that provide the answer I have an automatic, 03 ALH, which I installed the Frostheater in last weekend. I plugged it in overnight, got down to 32 last Tuesday. In the morning, nothing. I read that there may be an inline thermostat on the...
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    Rear Running Lights

    I noticed yesterday morning that the rear running lights were not on when my wife dropped me off at the train. I checked the fuses and bulbs and all are good. Anyone have any suggestions on were to look for the fix?
  12. TDI_Cubed

    Crack in exhaust

    My son's Golf developed a crack in the exhaust piping right after the catalyst. He was talking about getting someone to weld it. Is that possible or permissible?
  13. TDI_Cubed

    Rear Brake Issues - Need Help!

    We have rebuilt the brakes on the 2K Golf, front and rear: new calipers, rotors, master brake cylinder, and new fluid. During the brake bleeding, it was very difficult to bleed the rear brakes, to the point that I had to press on the brake pedal to accomplish the bleeding. Once fully bled...
  14. TDI_Cubed

    WTB - 2K Golf Front Bumper

    Looking to replace the front bumper on my son's 2K golf.
  15. TDI_Cubed

    Looking for advice - Valve Cover Oil Leaks

    Son's 2K Golf keeps blowing oil around the valve cover. Is this the cover or a seal? If cover, is there a gasket that can be added to it?
  16. TDI_Cubed

    Moisture buildup on inside of windshield

    I'm at a loss. For months now, I come out to the car in the morning and the inside of the windshield is coated with moisture. Now I'm having to scrap the ice off of the windshield. If I cover the dash with a towel, making certain that the area next to the windshield is covered, I eliminate...
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    VNT-15, 40K miles, Perfect condition

    Bought this a year ago as a spare - came off of a 2003. Perfect condition, Fits ALH. Need the funds! 500 OBO (Shipped)
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    Need Assist: Read Door won't open from outside - internal okay

    I have searched the forum for a writeup for this issue, but have only found write-ups on the door switch or door not opening from the inside. Couple of weeks ago, rear driver side door began to require 2 pulls on the door handle to open the door, than refused to open after a couple of days...
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    Strut Replacement Due?

    How does one determine if the struts need to be replaced? I have tried the "shock absorber" technique, but don't know if that is reliable.
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    Best Tires

    What brand and model tire do you use and would purchase again?