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    5th gear loose on shaft

    I've had a pretty noticeable rattle from my (supposedly rebuilt) transmission since I bought it from a member here back in 2017. I've put about 24,000 miles on it since, but it's recently gotten a lot louder. I originally chalked this up to clutch rattle, but it's become clear that it is more...
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    Wanted: PD130 (driver's side) intake

    In need of an PD130-style intake and EGR to accommodate a VNT turbo on an AHU head. Must face driver's side, and must include EGR & tube (although I don't need or want the cooler). I just have to pass visual emissions check. Please let me know a price shipped to 85022. Thanks
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    What are people doing with the G72 IAT Sensor?

    Specifically for 1Z/AHU conversions (and maybe ALH?). I imagine in some swaps the stock intercooler piping can be used but when custom piping is fabricated how are you guys installing the G72 manifold air temperature sensor? I have 2.25" aluminum piping with a FMIC, and while this works great...
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    WTB: Early Starter Solenoid (West Michigan)

    Looking for a starter solenoid for a '93 Eurovan. This is the same as the B4 Passat and (I think) the A3 Jetta. Does anyone have one laying around in the West Michigan area? Push-starting a van is no fun :)
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    98 Beetle TDI Part Out (Phoenix, AZ)

    Our Beetle was hit and it's time for it to go. It had 207k miles and spent the vast majority of its life in the desert, so there is zero rust. The damage was mostly to the left rear tire area, so although the driver's side door appears fine it will not close. Make me an offer on whatever you...
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    Cam and Injection Timing Suddenly Advanced

    My son and I were less than a block from home driving a consistent 40-45mph (2000rpm?) when suddenly the vibrations from the engine got louder and we lost a bit of power. I rolled on home and noticed that the diesel clatter was markedly louder; vagcom confirmed that the timing was significantly...
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    Looking for AHU/1z injector hard lines (AZ)

    Bought Prothe, paid the price. Would like a set of oem lines, or at least #3 for the time being.
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    Rothenbacher strikes again (emergency)

    You can't screw up a pipe, right? Hard metal fuel line for #3 snapped. We're on the side of the road. Anyone have an injection pump hard line in east Phoenix/Mesa/Apache Junction?
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    Anyone near Covington, LA?

    Our '98 New Beetle got absolutely smashed while parked on the street by a guy with a BAC of over .15. He was insured by a company that is staffed by the rudest, most dishonest people I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I hope the lies will turn out to be funny at some point in the...
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    Wanted: B4 Fusebox "V" plug & harness

    This is probably only included on GLS and GLX cars, but I know a number of people have done the MFA conversion and might have this laying around. See for a map of the back of the fusebox. It's a green 4-pin plug, and should be able to be removed...
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    Part Number for ECU (T68) Wiring Pin?

    My bus doesn't have cruise control, though it's been activated though OBD and all pedals and switches register properly. Because I'm running AFN programming, I guess the computer expects to be an AFN, and the wiring diagram shows +12 V on pin 58, which is unpopulated on the B4 harness I used...
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    VE Pump Major (temporary) Stumble

    I have had two different engines now, both 1Z blocks, that have exhibited a temporary stumble issue and I'd like to figure out why. The first was a B4 with RC2 in a GQ ecu (max pump voltage ~3.8v at 3500 vs 3.6v stock). The second is my T4 running GL programming with an 11mm ALH pump. I just so...
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    VNT Conversion bracket?

    I'm installing a GT1749VB on a 1Z block for my Eurovan conversion. I understand that I need a support bracket on the bottom of the turbo, but I'm having a hard time determining which bracket it actually is. I think 028145535B is for the GT15 on an AFN manifold, which is not what I have. Will...
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    New Rebuilt Head Cracked- Run it?

    I bought a rebuilt head from a reputable vendor on the site. The head that showed up was obviously rebuilt and looks beautiful, but it's unfortunately cracked from all four injector nozzle holes to the intake valves. I've emailed that vendor but I've yet to hear back. I've read as much as I can...
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    Wanted: ALH turbo oil return line (AZ)

    Installing a VNT-17 on a 1Z block for the Eurovan. I need the turbo oil return line (and adapter N90837101 into the block if present). Also looking for the feed line but I'll probably just have that made from my old 1Z line. I don't think the stock ALH line would work anyway; it'd have to be...
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    Nüral piston to cylinder clearance - clear up my confusion

    My block is at another machine shop with the pistons ready to be bored .5mm over. They'll be measuring each piston individually and boring however much over I tell them. I have read a few times that the cylinder to piston clearance should be 0.0012" to 0.0015. I told the shop this and they said...
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    Wanted, hopefully near Phoenix: AHU / 1Z bare block

    The machine shop screwed up my block so I'm looking for another one. I have .5mm over pistons, so whatever you have will be bored .5mm (0.020") over and decked 0.007". I'm willing to consider blocks with damage that can DEFINITELY be cleaned up with those operations. Please don't make me do...
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    1Z Piston Protrusion / Deck Woes (with pics!)

    So I'm rebuilding a 1Z with new .5mm over ALH pistons. Initial piston protrusion was about 0.030" which is well under the minimum spec. So I had the block decked 0.007" to hopefully hit right about the middle of a one-hole head gasket. Unfortunately I got the block back today and the...
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    Looking for ALH->AHU Injection Pump Bracket

    I have two AHU brackets but can't seem to find anyone in the Phoenix Metro area both capable of and willing to enlarge the centre hole to fit an ALH pump. Does anyone have a modified bracket sitting around?
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    Piston balancing?

    I'm rebuilding a 1Z with ALH pistons to go into a Eurovan. I neglected to have the machine shop weigh my pistons, so I'm dealing with it now. If I balance all of pistons (sans pin) and swap pins around I can get the whole piston/rod assembly within 300mg, and 1/4 & 2/3 will be identical. Charts...