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  1. bmwM5power

    Stupid question

    Sorry for the stupid question, does the differential share the same case/ oil with the transmission ( manual) or is it separate on mk7 golf?
  2. bmwM5power

    OEM transmission oil alternatives for 02Q manual transmission

    Im currently looking for some alternatives to expensive OEM G052527A2 oil for MK7 tdi 02Q transmission. Ive heard good things about Fuchs TITAN SINTOFLUID FE SAE 75W as well as Motul Gear 300 75W 90 that costs about a third from OEM. What do you guys think? I have a little "crunch" going from...
  3. bmwM5power

    Clutch replacement MK7 TDI

    Was just wondering if anybody has changed the clutch on their mk7 tdis yet, what it takes, DIY vs dealer, prices, kit used, etc.?
  4. bmwM5power

    Installing shorter rear shocks on Golf

    I have a set of Bilstein rear shocks that are about 20mm shorter ( compressed and extended) , is it a bad idea to install on MK7 Golf Tdi or do i have to pair them with the shorter springs, DG for example?
  5. bmwM5power

    Rotors / pads replacement issues

    in a few words, I acquired a MK7 Golf TDI 6sp recently and decided to replace the rotors/pads all around and also replace the brake fluid. All went smooth , put Brembo drilled rotors all around and TRW pads, flushed the brake fluid with pressure bleeder, flushed clutch as well, everything seems...
  6. bmwM5power

    WTB MK7 Golf TDI muffler

    Im in need of the mk7 golf tdi muffler and the pipe that goes around the rear beam, mine is bent
  7. bmwM5power

    Clicking sound from pass side dashboard / glove box

    I acquired a 2015 VW Golf TDi recently from the insurance auction, and there seems to be some strange clicking sound from the pass side dash/glove box area when i turn on the ignition, it clickes numerous times then eventually stops. Everything seems to be working fine as far as the hvac...
  8. bmwM5power

    FS: A set of H&R springs 54788

    For sale a set of H&R springs 54788 , were on the car for ~4000 mi only, $150 shipped within US.
  9. bmwM5power

    Miro 111 8.5x18 ET45 on Pirelli P7 225/40/18 5x112

    A set of Miro 111 wheels 8.5x18 ET45 5x112 bolt pattern on Pirelli P7 all season tires 225/40/18 with 7/32 tread depth, in excellent condition, were used for 5k miles on MK7 VW Golf , will fit VW/ Audi and other cars with 5x112 bolt pattern. $800...
  10. bmwM5power

    Seat belt repair

    I need to remove both front seatbelts from my 2015 Golf and send for repair after the accident I had recently because of both pre-tensioners fired, i assume. I was wondering if this it OK to start the car with the seatbelts disconnected ( wiring)? I need to move the car around and was afraid it...
  11. bmwM5power

    Need advice

    Long story short, I recently replaced my steering rack, the sub frame was obviously lowered. When I put things back I realigned the sub frame so the new bolts are centered on the sub frame holes / bushings, and made a mistake by tightening things up to specs. When I got to the dog bone mount I...
  12. bmwM5power

    Radio shuts off in a few min

    UPDATE: radio is dead, bunch of codes, see last post The radio on my 2015 Golf started to shut off in about 2-3 min when the ignition is off. Would not turn on with the press of a button unless ignition is on again. Any suggestions? On the other car it works just fine, turns on with the press...
  13. bmwM5power

    Key fob remote programming

    Is it possible to program the keyless remote if I only have the valet key. I understand you need a VagTacho to get the immo pin, and how to program the new fob with the Vag Com once you have the pin, but how do you program the keyless entry after that?
  14. bmwM5power

    Any reason to be paranoid about 0w30 oil?

    im planning on doing an oil change soon, found out the "old" 507.00 5w30 has been discountinued and replaced with 0w30 now and it actually costs less. Any reason to be concerned about this oil? If i understand this correctly it only behaves like thinner 0 oil at freezing temp, once warmed up it...
  15. bmwM5power

    water leak

    discovered a leak today while it was raining, passanger front side, almost looks like dripping from under the glove box on the pillar, please suggest where to look to get this addressed, mk4 golf.
  16. bmwM5power

    MK7 cv axle torque specs

    Does this seem correct for auto tran axles? outer axle bolt WHT005437 ( M16x1.5x70) 70Nm (~52 ft/lb) +90 deg TTY inner cv to transmission 6x N90991002 ( M10x23mm) 70Nm ( 52 ft/lb)
  17. bmwM5power

    CV axles compatibility

    Im in need of one or possible two ( L and R) CV axles for the 2005 Golf tdi BEW ( Auto Tran 09A), was wondering if I can use the ALH axles from 01M auto transmission? Im sorry if this has been discussed before, I cant really find a definitive answer from researching online. What other axles are...
  18. bmwM5power

    WTB: OEM cv axle right for BEW AT

    WTB: OEM cv axle right for BEW ( 2005 GOLF tdi auto)