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    Dropping the subframe

    My wife's 2012 Passat gasser has a leaking power steering rack, so I'm going to tackle that in a couple of weeks. I was reading through the ElsaWin / ErWin instructions to R&R the power steering rack and noticed they did not mention the use of any subframe alignment pins in order to complete...
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    Factory remote start cranks but won't start. Will start on 2nd try.

    I noticed a weird issue that happens when it's between 35-45 degrees or so. In the morning, after the car has sat overnight, I will engage the remote start on my 2015 TDI SEL. It will crank for 1/2 second, then stop. I have to hit LOCK START START again and it will start and run fine. I told...
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    Determining if Phase 2 has been done

    My 2015 Passat went to the dealership a couple weeks ago for non-Dieselgate repairs. It was at the dealer for a week since they had to order parts for it. I bought the car used with Phase 1 already completed. Since getting it back from the shop, the car seems sluggish and anemic. Granted, it's...
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    Farewell, friends!

    I have decided to opt for the buyback on my 2013 Passat TDI SE. She's got 136k on the clock, and starting to show signs of wear. Still a great car with lots of years left. I'm transitioning to a 2015 Passat TDI SEL with 40k for $300 more than VW will give me for a buyback. So... Hello...
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    Driver's door and fuel lock actuators

    I just noticed a problem with my 13 Passat. After I start driving I hear a click and the door lock indicator is no longer lit and the driver's door (unsure of others) is unlocked. Also, when I use the fob to lock the doors the driver's will sometimes not lock. I suspect the driver's door lock...
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    Anecdote regarding exhaust flap

    I thought I'd mention this here for anyone else whom may find it valuable: I recently replaced my exhaust flap after attempts to clean and lubricate my faulty one failed. After doing so, my fuel economy appears to have increased considerably. My morning work commute previously averaged around...
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    A question for those who got "the fix"

    Are you planning on having any engine and/or DSG tuning done after getting the emissions fix done on your vehicle? Follow up, if you have had tuning work done post-fix, what did you get done and how has it affected your car's behavior?
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    WANTED: 2.0 CR exhaust flap

    I'm looking for a used, working exhaust flap assembly for my 2013 Passat.
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    DSG Leak From Mechatronics Unit

    I noticed a couple oil spots in my driveway so decided I should take a peek beneath the car. Upon doing so, I could see a light golden colored oily fluid on the lower front and underside of the DSG. I traced the leak to where I suspect it to be coming from, and it seems like it is the cover...
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    Extended Warranties

    Does anyone know if there's a list someplace of all the warranties VW extended for the NMS Passat? I know that not all VINs were included in each extension, but I'm interested to see what MAY have been extended for my car.
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    NMS Passat Parts - Sell B4 Buyback

    I figured I'd start this thread for anyone looking for NMS Passat parts. If you're selling your car back to VW anyway, look here and sell some non-essential parts first. I, for one, need the front passenger door light cover (the red cover for the light at the bottom middle of the door's...
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    AdBlue heater

    As we all know, the fuel economy of our TDIs drops in the wintertime. This can be attributed to many factors, some of which are winter blended fuel, and added load on the engine from heating the cabin etc. To my understanding, the heater in the AdBlue tank is an electric resistance heater...
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    Removing Fuel Injectors

    I'm getting ready for a little project and need some advice. I haven't actually dug in under the hood yet, so all the info I have is from Elsa Win (ErWin). I'll be checking/changing the valve cover gasket on my CKRA this weekend, and in doing research as to the procedure, I noticed the...
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    Oil leak near alternator

    I brought my car to the dealership last week for an oil change (I know, I know... I'm usually a DIY guy but the price of the dealer to change my oil is pretty close to what I'd pay just for oil and a filter). A few days later, I noticed an oil spot in my driveway. I brought it back to the...
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    Power Steering Leak

    I brought my wife's car to the local dealership yesterday for a NY State Inspection. It passed, but the service manager informed me of a leaking seal/bushing on the steering rack at the tie rod. Her car is a 2012 Passat SEL (non-TDI... I know, I know). With only 39k miles on her odometer...
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    Wind noise at rear interior of car

    I'm experiencing an issue and not sure how to pin-point and troubleshoot it. When driving at highway speed on windy days, there is a noise coming from the rear windshield area (passenger side bottom corner?) that sounds a bit like when you blow through a blade of grass held between your thumbs...
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    Dome/Vanity/Map lights - sunroof drains

    I'm having an issue on my recently acquired 2013 Passat. The overhead lights including the visor mirror lights do not work. I tried tracing out which fuse may be affecting the issue, but could not find continuity between the red/blue wire of the visor light and any fuse terminal at the dash or...
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    WANTED: Front License Plate Bracket for 2013 Passat

    I just picked up a used 2013 VW Passat, but it did not come with the mounting bracket. Anyone have one lying around? Thanks.
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    FS: 1998 Jetta TDI - Rusty - needs TLC

    SOLD: 1998 Jetta TDI - Rusty - needs TLC SOLD!!!! I'm selling my daily driver of 7 years. This car has been really good to me, besides the typical TDI stuff. It's in rough shape, mostly due to rust, but would make a good donor for a swap. Or, fix it to suit your taste and have a peppy...
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    Hooray for Diesel Purge!

    I was having some trouble with my 1998 Jetta TDI recently with HARD cold starts, smoke at startup, poor response, and rough idle. The car has 220k on it, and I've seen posts about running Diesel Purge through the fuel system of to clean the injection pump and injectors. I ran 2 cans of...