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    2004 Jetta GLS TDI, 5-speed, $3500, in Dallas

    2004 Jetta GLS TDI, 5-speed, $2500, in Dallas I am selling my 2004 GLS with 5-speed. This car runs and drives great and is a solid daily driver. I am the second owner of this car, and I bought it off another club member; it has been well taken care of! The differential and clutch were replaced...
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    Mk4, 5 speed South Bend HD Clutch, PP, DMF

    5 speed South Bend HD Clutch kit for mk4 For sale here is a South Bend HD Clutch disk, Pressure Plate and Flywheel for a 5 speed TDI. The flywheel is a dual mass, but its from South Bend, so its very reliable and strong. I had this kit installed on my 5 speed Mark 4 Jetta before I converted to...
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    FS: MkIV Black Armrest

    For sale is an Armrest from a mk4 jetta. It has some wear on the side from it rubbing on the seats. The hinge and latch are both in great shape. It functions well. I can include the mounting bracket if needed. I would like 40$ plus shipping PM me if interested.
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    Free: ALH Valve Cover

    Spare ALH Valve cover that I never used. Free to a good home; just pay shipping.
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    FS: OEM R-Line 5 speed shift knob

    Sold FS: OEM R-Line 5 speed shift knob 50$ Sold For sale here is a 5-speed R32 style shift knob. Its in good condition, and I regularly cleaned and conditioned the leather. I had it for about a year and a half until I had a six speed installed. The hot texas heat caused the gear pattern center...
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    Excessive oil consumption- Rings? Valve guides?

    My 2000 Jetta uses alot of oil. 1/2 quart every fuel fill-up (600-700mi/tank). Some of my mods include a ported head, cam, RC5, 17/22 turbo, and FMIC. There is 274,000 miles on the car. The compression test yeilded 400psi for all four There was no visible oil in the intercooler piping There...
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    Where I mounted my ScanGauge

    I mounted it in the old cupholder blank. It took alot of soldering, and about 5 Prototypes. Luckily, Linear Logic is a great company. They like it when people try to fit custom housings on their scan gauges. They repaired mine for free quite a few times!
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    Free: Stock ALH intercooler and associated piping

    I have a stock intercooler from an ALH with associated pipes and brackets. They are free to anyone who wants to pay shipping!
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    Free: Golf driver's side vent

    I have a Golf driver's side vent. It is the unlit style. Free to a good home (plus shipping)
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    FS: Tinted Mk4 Jetta Tail lights

    SOLD FS: Tinted Mk4 Jetta Tail lights SOLD These are Stock tails off a 2000 jetta that have been professionaly tinted by member KROUT. They are in great condition. $85 shipped OBO.
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    Glovebox Brake Elements

    I broke my 2000 Jetta's glovebox because of the broken airbrake/brake element (a common problem), and I decided to upgrade. Starting in 2003, gloveboxes were much larger, so I ordered one. The glove box only comes with the door and the box; no rubber floor insert, no light switch, no light...
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    Wheel bearing Questions

    My wheel bearings are making that noise that tells me that they need to be replaced. Doing some searching for parts I came across this...
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    Trunk lid hard to open

    The trunk on my 2000 jetta is hard to open. It comes unlocked properly, but its like the hinges are stiff. It takes alot of muscle to lift it. I tried spraying lube on each pivot point. I even took the pneumatic hold-open-thingies off to see if maybe they were dragging internaly, but it was...
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    Engine trouble? Check fuse no. 34!

    I replaced my heater core myself on my 2000 Jetta. After I got it all back together, I fired it up to give it a test run. It ran like total crap! no timing, limp mode, terrible white smoke pouring out of my exhaust, and to top it all off it sounded like a 1988 cummins 3500 with only four...