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    03 Jetta conversion

    Got my retirement project on the road after a busy year.Started with a busted t belt car that I scooped at work before retirement.Rebuilt motor to stock form. All body mods done by myself except for aluminum checkerplate box under the rear deck lid[reflection of rear glass on lid] Cut up...
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    Engine speed crankshaft flange

    Will the engine speed flange from a Alh fit on a Bew crank shaft? Customer has bew block assy with Alh head and mechanical inj pump,need to change over to edc system. Alh has 4 notches, bew has more notches possible 60.
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    Fs ahu conversion

    Complete Ahu TDI engine conversion.Consists of engine,studed head and mains, trick TDIMEISTER camshaft ,hybrid gt22v sprinter inards,11 mil inj pump,r520 or205,injectors.CTN trans with peloquin diff.RC stage 2,3,4 ecu all wiring, starter,alternator,inst cluster,relay board.Shifter and clutch...
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    Aluminum engine lift

    Aluminum engine lift assembly at Princess Auto for 60$ tax in.Got 1 today.Awesome price, slotted from one end to the other.
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    09 TDI owners in Ontario

    Who all drive 09 TDI's in Ontario? Just got my 09 Platinum gray 6spd Highline yesterday.Installed GLI grille and fog lites yesterday already.Got to put Vision 5 rims on yet.:D
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    Phone calls

    I work at a local independent import repair shop. Person called and asked for a 19.95$ oil change on her 06 Jetta TDI,can you do this for me,no we can not.She was tired of paying for synthetic oil changes at the dealer. She was calling around to see if there is someone out there to give her a...
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    09 Tdi

    09 TDI delayed again.Too much air inlet noise to suit people in US.Also new GFF software has tune detector voiding warrantyif found that HP is higher than stock.After flipping thru Self study I think I will hang onto my BRM and ALH. Some facts:tumble valve in intake,sequential glow...
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    FS ECU 038 906 012 Cp.

    ECU ,Rocketchip stage 3,4 AHF 1.5 bar.1999 ,2001 Jetta or Golf.F-9m-1-07541>>[ jetta].
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    Blown lifters

    In the last 2 weeks there have been 4 TDI's with blown lifters that I have seen at work and at home,3 were still running and 1 not.The 2 yesterday blew the same lifter on the same cyl.Both around 150k The dead one at 509k. I am thinking that lifters should be changed at 2nd tbelt change,just to...
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    Show and Shine

    :) Show and Shine at Woodstock Volkswagen ,saturdayJuly 7 ,9am to 3pm. Lunch and prizes. GTG and bonfire at Gerry's house after at 26 Charles st in Dorchester.:cool:
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    I have a phat box setup which is used for sale,with software etc.Also up grade speaker kit for a4 Jetta ,they are new.ake me an offer.
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    Ulsd Fuel

    Got a tow in today,2000 NB with 253000 km ALH That would not start .The customer had tanked up the previous day at the local gold diesel outlet.Had 42 km on since tanking up.Scanned the ECU and came up with fault for fuel qty adjuster low output.First suspicion was gas in tank,not.Removed some...
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    Lamda sensor

    Some one in a previous thread was trying to find Lamda values.They can be found in OBD2 section in Vag-com.The can not be found 08.There will be a reading ,but not what the range of values are. I took my Vag-com with me on a trip and checked out value blocks while the wife was driving ,couldn't...
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    Auxillary heater

    The 06 Jetta PD's have a electric heater in the heater box. It has a PTC element,has a100a fuse inthe box at the battery.It is scanable in 7D ,YOU can do an output and value block readings with vag-com.So if you wondered why cabin warmed up fast this is why.Not mentioned in owners manual, or...
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    Fs Vag-com

    Got my new vag-com cable,so I can use it on my 06 Jetta.So I am selling the old one.PM me for more info
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    Dyno day/GTG

    State of the art dyno in LONDON ONT.,eddy current.can do 1/4 mile runs etc. Planning a GTG at my house and then to London,10 min from house.Dyno cost 100$/hr or 3 runs/75$. This would be after April,I will post more info in the comming months.
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    Hybridized Turbo's

    Last summer my GT22v was destroyed at the drags.Let go with a loud bang at 99mph,still got an et of 14.5. No parts available in NA for a GT22v,that was the answer from two turbo rebuilders.Crap, what do I do now? Did some research ,found out that a MB Sprinter [2.7 Diesel] also uses a...
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    London GTG

    London GTG a go .In Dorchester sept 17 At Gerry's house.Recieved inquires to see if its still on.YES
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    oil extractors

    UBB3-ML-1095722-ML- Posted in the wrong forum section
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    oil extractors

    Was at Princess Auto today and there oil extractors ,about a dozen here in London.They were not priced so they could be on sale soon .If anyone coming to the Dorchester GTG would like to have one let me know.I have one myself and it works well.