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  1. Doc_Oc

    B8 Audi A4 with 2.0 TFSI to TDI

    The 2.0 engine has low oil pressure. It was rebuilt at 140k kms. At 190k the entire timing (chains, rails, etc) has been replaced. Now, at 275k who knows what's broken:) I'm considering a swap to TDI. 3.0 So, I'm looking for any information I can get. Who can source an engine and all the needed...
  2. Doc_Oc

    FS: Doniol boost and EGT gauge

    Sold! Asking 250$ plus shipping. All the wiring, includes 6' of K wire for the EGT probe. 2 K connectors as well. 2.5" EGT probe, brand new. Matches the MKIV instrument cluster colors perfectly. I had it installed for 2 years. I'm selling the car and the gauge came out. Installed, in day...
  3. Doc_Oc

    FS: Roof rack with ski/snowboard carrier

  4. Doc_Oc

    FS: PD150 intake + race pipe + TIP

    Sold PD 150 intake painted black Race pipe (you can use your stock 90 elbow) Turbo inlet pipe and a shorter than stock accordion hose for it. How's 250$?
  5. Doc_Oc

    FS: A lot of goodies

    Rieger side skirts painter Reflex Silver (Rieger manufactured, not replicas. Flexible plastic not fiberglass)...................150$ (it includes 3M double sided tape) Winter tires Gislaved Nordfrost 5, 10000kms on them, 70% thread left, on steel rims. 195/65/15 and 5X100 rims...350$ Pics will...
  6. Doc_Oc

    Looking for an AC compressor

    Mine just died. Anyone has a used one with the clutch and all, in good working condition? How much?
  7. Doc_Oc

    Cars that will go more than 300k

    MSN had an article today about what cars are more reliable. Obviously the guy that wrote it never hared of TDI's :)
  8. Doc_Oc

    FS: 16" steel rims with winter tires on

  9. Doc_Oc

    FS: Golf MKIV rear bumper skin - silver

    It has a scuff on one side/corner. Other than that is in good shape. No physical damage. 50$ Pics to follow.
  10. Doc_Oc

    WTB: GN ECU for a 2003 Golf. Or trade my unknown stage 1 for your stock one.

    Let me know who's got one. Or trade you my GN with an unknown stage 1 for yours and 100$.
  11. Doc_Oc

    Who sold a Silver 2003 Golf in the last 1-2 years?

    That sounds generic:) But, I bought this golf from somebody that was not a member her, and had no clue about the car. The car has a chip, and chinese 205 nozzles. It had a hitch but it's been removed. I want to know what kind of chip. Don't worry, I am not coming to get you! :)
  12. Doc_Oc

    What nozzles are these?

    ZY ZDSLA150 P520
  13. Doc_Oc

    FS: B4 Passat engine mounts

    All 3 for 150$ + shipping. They are at least 75$ each, brand new. Pics, 3 post lower.
  14. Doc_Oc

    Shifter pops up and down

    Twice already, when I went to shift fast/hard from first to second, my shifter popped out of it's position. Once up and once down. Short of changing the entire shifter, is there another solution?
  15. Doc_Oc

    What kind of cable for an EGT probe

    I bought a used Boost/EGT setup and the EGT probe wire has been cut 10" from the probe. Can I just use any electrical wire? Or do I NEED Ktype wire? Please don't guess answer, let me know if you used regular electrical wire and it worked or you know for sure that it needs Ktype wire. Thanks!
  16. Doc_Oc

    FS: 4 spoke steering wheel with air bag

    I am asking 50$. Pics will be up soon. But there is normal wear on it. It's not new, but it's not rough either.
  17. Doc_Oc

    Anybody has a blown stock turbo for sale?

    I broke a stud in mine trying to swap the downpipe and now the bold-out is broken in the broken stud too:) So, I only need the exhaust manifold.
  18. Doc_Oc

    Front thumping noise while braking

    I just upgraded my spindles to 1.8T along with new rotors, pads and wheel bearings. So, only the spindles, carriers and calipers are used. The first 2-3 brake cycles are ok, but as soon as the brakes warm up, they develop a thud-thump rhythmic noise, wheel speed dependent. I visually inspected...
  19. Doc_Oc

    FS: complete front spindles with calipers, pads and rotors

    Stock TDI spindles with built in caliper cariers, calipers, pads and rotors. Rotors, pads and the left bearing have 10k on them. Right bearing is original but in perfect condition. Calipers are in perfect working order. Rotors 50$ for both. SOLD Pads 25$ SOLD Calipers 30$ each SOLD Spindles 50...
  20. Doc_Oc

    Canadian Tire front wheel bearings

    Did anyone use them? They have a 50$ and a 35$ one! I wonder if they are any good. If they last 100k I would be ok with them.