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  1. bluesmoker

    Hpfp Interesting BC article on the HPFP failure and the TDI buy back
  2. bluesmoker

    catalytic converter failing/buzzing

    suggestions? my mechanic says the entire down pipe including the cat must be replaced but only the cat is failing (internally the substrate has broken free) any opinions on having a muffler shop cut out the cat and replace it with this...
  3. bluesmoker

    Bluesmoker's red 1998 is for sale

    here is the autotrader add we adopted an 85lb shar pei and we don't all fit in the car, I bought a used ML Price drop, FYI
  4. bluesmoker

    need help with dtc

    MIL is on, scanned the car (98) and found these codes: modulating piston displacement sensor g149 fuel temp sensor open circuit g81 glow plug monitoring (sporadic) any ideas what could cause this? the car starts instantly, runs strong and does not smoke:confused: admin delete, it was...
  5. bluesmoker

    need window channels

    The part numbers are below, does anyone know if they are still available for sale?? my rear windows are leaking 1HM-839-409-3FZ : CHANNEL 1HM-839-410-3FZ : CHANNEL 1h4 839 433 b2 : gasket thanks
  6. bluesmoker

    19 mpg in my wife's pd

    What could be causing this???? malone stage 1.5/egr delete new oil/filter new fuel filter new lift pump/tandem pump no smoke new air filter/new maf no codes! My only thought could be a clogged cat converter? need some help please, thanks guys
  7. bluesmoker

    2004 jetta tdi auto descruct

    So in the last 2 weeks the following failures have happened: in tank lift pump maf sensor driver's side door latch #1 injector (yikes, expensive) coolant reservoir replacement Now the brakes have completely failed, the car is to be towed tomorrow. WTH is going on? Have any...
  8. bluesmoker

    fuel temperature sensor connector

    need help I cant disconnect the fuel temperature senor connector on my pd engine is there some trick to this? admin, please delete post, just figured it out lol
  9. bluesmoker

    *Lifetime Warranty* Armrest Lid Hinges I just wanted to give a huge thumbs up for this product:) Its simply outstanding, the stealer parts guy wanted huge dollars for a new armrest, and taking into account the natural fading of the fabric, he could not guarantee a color...
  10. bluesmoker

    drivers side tail light circuit board

    anyone have one of these for sale new/used:confused: for 2004 vw jetta (mk 4) please pm me thanks tim
  11. bluesmoker

    egr "readiness" and OB2 smog test

    For the last three OB2 smog tests on my 1998 the egr readiness was "not ready", here in BC you can pass with one sensor set to "not ready", so I got through air care It doesn't appear to matter whether the car is cold or warm, it is never ready I have scanned the car and no codes show up...
  12. bluesmoker

    VW Jetta driver 'terrified' by burning seat warmer
  13. bluesmoker

    Long-Term Test Update 1: 2013 Volkswagen Golf Wagon TDI Diesel What’s even more impressive is that as hard as I drive it, it is still beating the Transport Canada estimate of 7.0 L/100 km for City driving for DSG models; highway rating is 4.9 L/100 km :)
  14. bluesmoker

    Shell introducing new synthetic oil to withstand Canadian winters for all of you guys using rotella t6:)
  15. bluesmoker

    First Drive: 2013 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid 1.4 tsi engine, cool:)
  16. bluesmoker

    trunk water leak

    really need your help guys, the water is pouring in the trunk of my MK3 just above the right hinge:( and for those who live in Metro Vancouver, we all know it rains alot here, so there is a small lake in the spare tire well is there some sort of gasket or attachment on the car...
  17. bluesmoker

    problems removing oil filter housing

    so I purchased this tool from Kerma the problem I am having is that the tool sits flush on the oil filter cap, leaving zero clearance for the 3/8 drive, if I attach the drive to the tool it slips on the oil filter cap...
  18. bluesmoker

    B.C.’s AirCare program to end after 20 years a purely political decision by a hugely unpopular government desperate to raise its poll numbers prior to a 2013 election translation: (dpf deletes, cat deletes, coal trains, pcv to atmosphere) will become...
  19. bluesmoker

    Test Drive: 2012 Volkswagen Touareg TDI too bad that I can't afford one:(
  20. bluesmoker

    creampuff 97 for sale