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  1. TDI_G

    Misc. TDI Tools FS

    Selling the remainder of what I have left from my TDI days. All prices are plus shipping. Feel free to make offers. Strut Spreader Socket ***SOLD*** Hazet 4560 Injector Wrench ***SOLD*** Metalnerd Strut Nut Sockets Tool ***SOLD*** Metalnerd Rear Brake Reset Tool ***SOLD*** CJAA EGR Tube $30...
  2. TDI_G

    FS: Hex-Can VCDS Cable + Extension

    I have for sale a Ross-Tech Hex-Can VCDS cable with 16' USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable for sale. This is the cable that works on all VAG, 1995-Current Model Year; Unlimited # of VINs. As many of you know, Ross-Tech has discontinued this model and replaced it with one that limits the number of...
  3. TDI_G

    JSW Buyback Partout

    Hey guys. I originally planned on keeping my 2011 JSW but VW's buyback offer is too good to pass up so I will be selling my performance parts off the car. No pics at the moment and everything is still on the car. I am picking up my replacement car tomorrow and will start removing stuff in the...
  4. TDI_G

    2011 JSW Spare Tire Well Seal Grommet

    I have searched far and wide and am not able to find a replacement spare tire well seal. I noticed a little bit of water in my spare tire well and upon further investigation noticed a piece of duct tape covering the oval shaped hole where a body plug once was in my trunk floor. It looks like...
  5. TDI_G

    Mk4 ALH Tools For Sale

    I sold my ALH Golf several months ago and now it's time to clear out some tools I no longer need. Metalnerd alh timing belt tools. This includes the upgraded camshaft lock tool that allows you to keep the valve cover in place. SOLD! 2 volume Bentley repair manuals. Used with fingerprints...
  6. TDI_G

    WTB-Golf R Strut Dust Seals

    I know it's a long shot, but I am looking for a pair of dust seals that will fit VW Golf R struts. It doesn't appear that the seals are removable on my JSW struts. The dust boot just dangles around without them. Pic for reference:
  7. TDI_G

    WTB - MK6 JSW Front Driver Side Monster Mat

    All of my floor mats are like new except for my driver seat monster mat. Does anyone have one they want to sell? I really don't want to buy a whole set.
  8. TDI_G

    Well Modified 2002 Golf TDI

    Car is Sold!!!! For sale is my well modified 2002 VW Golf TDI. I have owned and cared for this car for the past 5 years and 100K miles and it has been an absolute joy to own. Major upgrades include a Garrett VNT17 Turbo, Malone Stage 4 Tune (24 PSI), Bosio PP764 Injector Nozzles purchased from...
  9. TDI_G

    5x100 Wheels For Sale/Trade

    I'm looking to sell or trade the set of Sport Edition F5's (Borbets) off my Golf. 17x7.5 et35 5x100 with hub centric rings. These were purchased from Tire Rack a few years ago and included the Borbet center caps with them. They are in great shape with no rash at all. Tires are Nitto Motivo's...
  10. TDI_G

    DIY How To Easily Upgrade MK4 Front Strut Mounts Cupra R Mounts

    Front Strut Bushings and Strut Bearing Replacement VW MK4 (A4). Fast and easy! First of all, as a disclaimer, this repair is part of the AArodriguez/FixMyVw Sponsored Repair program. Information regarding this program can be found here: All of the parts...
  11. TDI_G

    FS Malone Tuned 2001 Beetle TDI 5 Speed

    I have up for sale a 2001 Beetle TDI. This Beetle has 308K Miles on it but you would never know it based on how well it runs and how good it looks. Only sign of wear is a hole in the carpet under the driver side floor mat. This Beetle has spent it's entire life in Georgia which means not a spec...
  12. TDI_G

    WTB Upper Intercooler to EGR Hose

    I am looking for a used upper intercooler to egr hose. It is the 90 degree hose that connects the upper intercooler pipe to the egr. This is for an ALH. Please PM me with price shipped to 30518.
  13. TDI_G

    FS Ross-Tech KII USB Cable $200

    FS Ross-Tech KII USB Cable $195 Shipped Sold!
  14. TDI_G

    FS/FT 20th AE GTI Recaro Seats

    I have a clean set of Recaro seats out of a 20th AE GTI that I am mainly interested in trading. I would like get a set of mint black leather seats out of a 2002 or newer GTI. I would also sell outright for $575. These would need to be picked up near Atlanta or I could meet halfway for the right...
  15. TDI_G

    FS Brand New Turbo Actuator

    I have a brand new Garret Turbo Actuator for sale. I purchased this On Monday to replace the one on my turbo and determined that my turbo was bad so I ordered a VNT17 and have no use for this extra actuator. I am asking $90 plus shipping & Paypal fees (if not sending money as gift) for it. Like...
  16. TDI_G

    Air box Snorkel and Snow Screen

    So I am putting my intake back to stock. I bought my car with a Carbonio cold air intake with a K&N type oiled air filter. Not liking the K&N, I pulled it off and put an AEM dryflow filter on it. Now I've decided to put it back to stock and have an air box and just ordered a used snorkel. My...
  17. TDI_G

    FS Used PP502 Nozzles

    FS EGR and Cooler Edit-Injectors Sold. I have a good EGR and cooler with all metal and rubber hoses included. Asking $100 shipped.
  18. TDI_G

    Burning Oil-Turbo Seals?

    I thought I would reach out here before I spring for a new turbo for my car. I got a Malone Stage 3 tune installed about 3 months ago. I have always had some sticky vane issues with my turbo and was having lots of overboost problems. I finally decided to pull the turbo for a thorough cleaning...
  19. TDI_G

    Seat Airbag Replacement

    I have an opportunity to get some really nice GTI leather seats for a steal. The catch is the car they are coming out of was in an accident and the drivers seat airbag went off. It didn't damage the leather and just the stitches were damaged. Is it possible to just replace the airbag and stitch...