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  1. peace_of_soul

    That's life or another issue with VW Bluetooth

    Our BT seems to work great, playing music and doing calls, with the wife's iPhone but won't play music from my Galaxy. I think it's a phone issue, not a VW BT issue.
  2. peace_of_soul

    Indianapolis TDI'ers UNITE!

    Thanks for a great afternoon; it was great getting to meet everyone.
  3. peace_of_soul

    New Break-in Procedure or Same?

    Nevermind . . . found it.
  4. peace_of_soul

    New Break-in Procedure or Same?

    We just acquired our 2012 Passat (TDI SE, 6M) on Saturday, with a whopping 7.6 miles on the odometer, and are looking for confirmation on break-in procedure. Summarily, are the existing suggestions still what we're going with or should we be doing something different? The reason I ask is...
  5. peace_of_soul

    New TDI owner here with BIG problems help? Whistle with video and A/C problem.

    We had/have a whistle which is related to an intercooler leak. It spews oil all over the serp belt so . . . check for oil on your tensioner?
  6. peace_of_soul

    tps reset?

    We picked ours up - 7.6 total miles - and were told to drive it around a bit and then bring it back for them to adjust the tire pressure. We're also going to have it washed . . . :o)
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  8. peace_of_soul

    Pascal the 2012 Passat

    Welcome to the family, Pascal! He arrived last night here in Indy and we picked him up today. First big road trip planned for June (Indy to Oregon). Until then we'll just have to make more frequent trips to the North side. Window tinting and clear bra planned for Monday. (Alison)
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    We loved Tom when we were out there. So much, in fact, we drove the 2,000 miles from Nebraska to Virginia to have him do our timing belt when it was due. He advised us against Pascal, but we did it anyway. He'll shake his head at us, I'm sure. (Alison)
  11. peace_of_soul

    Indianapolis TDI'ers UNITE!

    We will be there with new babies, human and TDI, and some Costco-sized sides to share.
  12. peace_of_soul

    Indianapolis TDI'ers UNITE!

    DCell, thanks for hosting. Could we do either the 1st or the 15th? We can't make the 25th. Then, we can bring both babies.
  13. peace_of_soul

    Indianapolis TDI'ers UNITE!

    LSargent, Thanks for reintroducing the idea of a get-together. While I second the motion, so to speak, the baby is due any day now and I tend to work on Saturdays, making my possibility to attend chancy for a bit. I will keep checking this forum, though.
  14. peace_of_soul

    Indianapolis TDI'ers UNITE!

    DCell, thanks for the suggestions. Yes, I think we're going to go with Dan. Thanks for the suggestion about repainting, as well. The Passat is due to be delivered on the 25th. We'll have to get together so you can see it.
  15. peace_of_soul

    Indianapolis TDI'ers UNITE!

    Did the get-together spoken about at the end of January ever happen? Sorry, I don't get on the forums enough. Although Ella runs well with 250k miles, the paint job is looking the worse for wear - not enough waxing and the Nebraska winter was rough on it. I'm considering getting it repainted...
  16. peace_of_soul

    Indianapolis TDI'ers UNITE!

    Thanks, DCell, it was good to meet a knowledgeable, friendly diesel enthusiast. I appreciate your help, I think the coolant and oil leaks are taken care of. And, although I do sort of miss 5th gear, I must admit that it is much easier to drive when you have 1st and 2nd rather than starting...
  17. peace_of_soul

    Indianapolis TDI'ers UNITE!

    We are new in town from Virginia via Nebraska. On the drive, my Mother - who doesn't know VWs - managed to not follow any of the directions for getting the car in to reverse correctly and jammed something somewhere which locked the car in reverse. It was as if the selector was jammed in the...
  18. peace_of_soul

    DCOTC #12 Fall 2010 GTG, Omaha Nebraska

    Sorry I missed the GTG - we're in Lincoln, but my parents from Tennessee were in town for the weekend, and they're not really diesel-heads. My mother-in-law lives in Omaha and has a NB (gasoline engine) with window problems. Anyone know of a reputable VW mechanic in the Omaha area? Again, it...
  19. peace_of_soul

    Stafford Virginia, anyone need a4/a5/b4 TDI work? Broken Glow Plug Removal too.

    And he learns from Tom quickly, as evidenced here with the "You're doing it wrong" face.