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  1. Jetta_Pilot

    2015 Passat TDi Battery Swap

    See my post above ! In my VCDS there is a setting I changed from FLOODED battery to AGM battery. To the best of my knowledge an AGM battery wants a lower charge rate compared to a flooded battery.
  2. Jetta_Pilot

    2015 Passat TDi Battery Swap

    I changed to a larger physical size 8H Duralast AGM battery. Took a bit of work to make it fit since the AGM is about 3" longer. I had to totally remove the battery tray and modify it to fit since the tray has certain things on it which will not allow a non VAG type battery to sit flat. In...
  3. Jetta_Pilot

    Battery Replacement for 2015 - VCDS or NO?

    If you're just switching over to a flooded battery there should be no reason to make any changes. When I replaced my battery and added an AGM battery I had to set the charging for AGM using my VCDS. An AGM battery wants a slightly lower charge rate compared to a flooded battery.
  4. Jetta_Pilot

    Battery replacement

    ...replaced my battery with a H8 AGM Duralast Platinum battery and had to make a change in the charging. Probably the same you bought. I used my Ross-Tech VCDS and changed from a flooded battery to an AGM battery. A flooded battery can take a higher charge rate, the AGM prefers a lower charge rate.
  5. Jetta_Pilot

    Battery / Alternator Question

    A couple of years ago my Passat would not start. Bought the ONLY available set of booster cables but they could not move the starter to turn over the engine and fire up. A friend came to assist and he also had booster cables. Both sets were too small a gauge to start a Diesel. Then I remembered...
  6. Jetta_Pilot

    Battery questions for a 2015.

    Personally my advice would be to just connect a trickle charger WITHOUT removing the battery from the car! Why remove it??? Certain items in the car still require to be powered.
  7. Jetta_Pilot

    Battery questions for a 2015.

    It'll be interesting to see this afternoon. Came back from Mexico and just finishing 14 days of self isolation. Temps in the last two weeks near freezing point and had not started the car once since coming back. Hopefully my Autozone Duralast H8 AGM battery still has lots of ooomph to start the car.
  8. Jetta_Pilot

    Battery questions for a 2015. in the correct forum thread since this thread is for the PASSAT ! He lists an 04 Golf and a 15 GSW ! As an aside I installed a H8 AGM battery in my Passat and had to modify the tray quite a bit but not the airbox! You also need to use a VCDS to change the battery type to AGM from lead...
  9. Jetta_Pilot

    Random thought of the day

    I'm in my first week of self isolation, not allowed outside. The OEM battery died over a year ago and I put a physically larger and higher specs AGM battery into the Passat. Temps are from above freezing to about 40deg. It'll be interesting if I have any trouble starting the car 10 days from now?
  10. Jetta_Pilot

    Dead Battery

    Led acid batteries are not designed to be run down to dead. That's a battery killer! OP done that three times, time to replace it! Even Deep Cycle batteries should only be down to about 30%, any lower is bad for them too.
  11. Jetta_Pilot

    Trying to add 2nd battery in the trunk 2015 passat tdi

    You're right. When I installed an AGM battery a year ago I used my VCDS to change the charging mode to AGM.
  12. Jetta_Pilot

    H8 size battery install in a 2015 Passat

    Now and in the foreseeable future I do not anticipate to be in freezing temperatures. The coldest my H8 AGM battery has seen is about 5° C or 40°F and it cranks the engine beautifully. Now where I spend my winters the daytime temperatures can go into the mid 90°sF or the mid 30°sC and it's nice...
  13. Jetta_Pilot

    H8 size battery install in a 2015 Passat

    When I changed my AGM battery I lost the correct time and the then current trip meter reading and nothing else. Not worth the effort for a "memory minder". BTW: An AGM battery acts more like a deep cycle battery, it can be pulled down without ill effects.
  14. Jetta_Pilot

    H8 size battery install in a 2015 Passat

    You'll need a VCDS to set the charging system from flooded battery to AGM battery. The AGM prefers a lower charge rate compared to a flooded battery!
  15. Jetta_Pilot

    Mysterious Starting Problem

    I would suggest the problem is that there are too many things in todays cars which need 12volt to keep them going even when the engine is shut off. For instance alarm systems are one. So maybe the car manufacturer installing the least expensive barely capable battery might be at fault.
  16. Jetta_Pilot

    Another sometimes mysterious starting situation

    If you own a VCDS (Hex V2) as I do, you get into the settings and make the change for AGM charging !
  17. Jetta_Pilot

    Another sometimes mysterious starting situation

    ...more than is necessary, but do offer larger sizes. Battery a size that will do the job adequately at the least cost to them. Adding an AGM battery will add to the price of a car.. There is NO reason that you cannot upgrade to a better and larger capacity battery. Also I am NOT talking...
  18. Jetta_Pilot

    Mysterious Starting Problem

    ...sits on had to be removed and cut/sawn to make the battery fit. The original cables still fit. This Autozone Duralast Platinum has much more capacity than the OEM and more CCA too. You need to set the computer with a VCDS to AGM to allow for a different charging rate for an AGM battery.
  19. Jetta_Pilot

    Another sometimes mysterious starting situation

    ...sits on to make it fit. Autozone is not right saying it fits a 2015 Passat, without modification. Set With VCDS to allow different charging for an AGM battery. The coldest my car sees is right now down to maybe 40 deg F. Time to leave for warmer climes! Autozone Duralast Platinum Group 49
  20. Jetta_Pilot

    Am I going to have problems

    Good idea, where to connect if necessary!!!!!