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    VW Heritage Search Contest

    To celebrate the 30th anniversary of its diesel engines, Volkswagen has a contest to find the owners the oldest diesel still in service and the diesel with the highest mileage. Winners recieve the use of a Tourareg TDI for 6 months see
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    D2 in Richmond, VA?

    I just filled up with Premium Diesel at the Shell at Broad & West End Drive $2.75/gal This site was helpful for shopping around, but doesn't differentiate between regular and premium diesel:
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    2005 Jetta Wagon TDI

    Its also listed here...
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    2003 Jetta Sedan TDI for sale in Central Virginia

    I spoke too soon, here it is: posted yesterday
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    2003 Jetta Sedan TDI for sale in Central Virginia

    Recently seen being advertised on the side of the road. I have not seen it advertised on any online site locally: 2003 Jetta Sedan TDI Manual Transmission 43,000 miles $16,500 Phone: 804-749-3425 VIN: 3VWSP69M13M00 Car has a reject sticker on it without any indication why it didn't pass...
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    Still For Sale - 1996 VW Passat Wagon TDI, MD/DC

    I'm interested, would you please send me pictures