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    FS: 03 Jetta TDI GLS WAGON 5 speed

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    06 Jetta BEW 109K cyl 2 Misfire

    06 Jetta BRM 109K cyl 2 Misfire So friends car. asked me to look at it. 2006 BRM TDI with 109k, first brought it he said it died on the road had it towed here. this is by no means a idiot. he snapped a t-belt on his AHU and redid the head himself. he was stumped on this though. he admits to...
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    Random Motor Parts out of '03

    Here are pictures of some random parts for sale: x2
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    FS: ALH Short Block 150k one piston trashed

    I pulled this for a customer who let there TB snap. I was going to rebuild it for my personal TDI but never got around to it. and now its just taking up space. I need to free up my engine stand for another project. this is no head just block you can have the head if you want but it wouldnt...
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    2002 Jetta TDI 5 speed roof rack GL

    2002 Jetta TDI 5 speed roof rack GL BUFFALO NY This is a customer of mine bought this car to save money... didn't work out for him. bought the car for over 4k and left it with me to catch up on some work. just decided to use his other TDI for now. Car: 02 Jetta GL TDI Miles: 230k Trans: 5...
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    Monster Sedan BFG KTO's all mounted up

    Monster Truck Helga BFG KTO's all mounted up 215/75R15's mounted im very happy with the fitment and the amount of rub I thought they would rub really bad but only on tight turns. The car is ~350k miles, and a salvage title. doesnt owe me a dime. this is the most ive spent on it in a while but...
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    Coolant hose Part number

    Im trying to find the part number for a coolant hose that goes from the end of the metal flange with the 3 glow plugs to the heater core.
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    FS: ALH Motor/11mm ippump & parts cheap

    I thought i threw a rod, But I didn't not. I already swapped in a new motor so the OLD one is forsale. ENGINE- It has a dropped valve. and its now disassembled (head is off) so its just a block is still good the piston are in great shape minis one with scratches from the dropped valve. and...
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    WTB: Bosio powerplus 502 injector nozzle

    WTB: Bosio powerplus 520 injector nozzle I am in need of one injector nozzle. I am trying to see if I can get away with not having to buy a set of 4, or possibly a set of 4 used ones. I just need one though. Let me know, I need it ASAP. I am in Laredo Texas trying to put a new motor in as...
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    Buffalo, NY to Uruapan, Mexico

    So i plan to take my Low mileage (335k) Lightly modded(Vnt17, nozzles tune) Tdi on a little jaunt across a bit of the US and also a little of are neighbors to the south. Will Be leaving Buffalo on Jan 13 First stop to be in Charlotte NC to visit my sister. Second stop will be Atlanta, Georgia...
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    Want to vist some one in CT for me?

    So I took on a snapped timing belt job for a 225hp Audi TT for a friend who is broke as a joke, Car has 91k when it broke (and i thought TDI's where bad) But Pulling the head i noticed there totally different from the tdi, the valve are ressessed into the head, and it appeared that only 4...
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    P1619 After ECU swap

    So I have a 01 Jetta TDI with a tune on it. Im buying a new tune as ive now put a vnt17 on my car so I thought I would throw the relatively stock tuned ECU on my parents car. My parents car is a 02 Wagon, Both are ALH, and my parents car runs Great on the My ecu but it now has...
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    Transmission swap wiring issue

    So i put a 5speed in a 2001 beetle, all done just need it to start, turn the key and nothing :/ I havent done anything with the wiring, I tryed just jumping the red/yellow with the gray/red still no power to starter help Ps i have non of the clutch switchs dont care to use them.
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    A/C issues ALH 320K

    I have a 2001 Jetta ALH, with 320k The car is originally from Atlanta GA, where im sure the AC was used VERY often... Now that the car is a buffalo car, I use it very rarely, but latley we have had a heat wave, so I been useing it more.... in the last week it was cool then started acting...
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    I did done broke it. Axle Flange questions

    So I busted most of the axle bolts off in the flange..... so I could drill them out and re tape but that seems like a PITA, Soo I looked around for replacement flange (I only ned the driver side) I was thinking of going to 108mm just for the beefier bolts so hopefully this doesn't happen...
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    Help! No start rt20 near 90 Mass, ny boarder

    A friend just called, he drove to ct from buffalo ny to pick up his first tdi, bought it, is driving home stoped at a diesel station filled up now the car won't restart, just cranks and cranks. Car 00 alh 5 speed 200k thanks mike
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    IP pump issue

    So my parents have a AHU 98 jetta, with 300k the Middle seal started leaking, I pulled the top seal and replaced then pulled the bottom seal, checked to make sure the collar lined up with the rod, put everything back together, now its a none start. its possible that the middle was not put on...
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    Insurance. Total Loss my TDI

    if this is in the wrong spot a mod feel free to move. Ive been posting as I go on a local forum so Ill pull some highlights In the end the insurance offered me 4900 for my 01 Jetta GLS TDI with: Moonsoon with OEM 40 gig music player Leather Power seats Trailer hitch cruise A/C 3...
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    Turbo, EGR? Problem

    EGR manifold Problem Car info: 300k ALH 2001 Vr6 clutch, newer tranny, stock motor and turbo, never chipped. So about 2 weeks ago I cleaned out my intake manifold, it was gross only about an inch opening was left for air to get threw, the car would die at 3k RPM and top out at 75.... Now its...
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    Manual Transmission Code?

    Ok I suck... I searched all morning.. and i found that the auto tranny code would be near the TDC cap on the bell housing... but i cant find where my code for my Manuel transmission would be... My Car is 2001 Jetta GLS TDI 5 speed. Its currently Spewing fluid from the input shaft I think...