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  1. greekman

    2006 jetta pkg 2 navigation for sale in MN

    have this listed on craigs list in MN any questions please ask car is in great shape just outgrew it thanks greekman
  2. greekman

    2006 vw jetta tdi pkg2 no auto headlights ????!!!

    sorry let me clairify .. by auto I mean when you shut down the car they automaticly shut off so you dont drain the battery thanks
  3. greekman

    2006 vw jetta tdi pkg2 no auto headlights ????!!!

    just had to ring in here I just purchased a 2006 jetta pkg2 and it does not have auto headlights?? whats up even base model chevs/fords 2006 have auto headlights doooohhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a 97 passat that did not have them but I assumed a 2006 would have them by now has VW gone...
  4. greekman

    MN Chat Thread

    hey all the GTG sounds like a blast alas I am not able to make it today I will for sure try the next one :rolleyes:
  5. greekman

    Need help Programing immo code in MN aera Thanks in advance

    hey all I need to get a spare key immo coded for our new (to us) 2006 jetta From What I have gathered i need to find someone with a vag commander or the like to pull the code and reprogram them I have 2 keys that are cut and ready just need the immo programed :D anyone with the tools and...
  6. greekman

    B5 Keys

    was wondering if this will work for a 2006 jetta tdi pkg2 need an extra 2 keys? thanks
  7. greekman

    FS: 2009 Jetta TDI in MD

    any pics thanks
  8. greekman

    MN Chat Thread

    Hey All Just Purchased My First TDI !!!! Hello All Just wanted to ring in that after trying to absorb as much info as i could off this site (and others but not near as helpfull) i purchased my first passat tdi and am loving it. fFew to Tennesee and drove it home to the fridigid north MN...
  9. greekman

    TDI locator website

    bump to a great tool