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    fuel filter servicing

    first time for me, during annual maintenance i found a very dirty fuel filter canister. As you can see, after filter removal, there is a lot of black gunk. Usually i change the filter and clean the holder every two years or 30K Km. The car recently run poor and no really power pushing down the...
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    dsg problem

    Hi all, it happened again! this morning i started my car parked in downhill, I put in R gear ready to start and the car did not move for about 10 seconds. I'm really worry because the car also has a rough and jerk start in D and R as well a noising coming from transmission on acceleration and...
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    glow plugs replacement findings

    yesterday i replaced all 4 glow plugs: no problem eveything went well. after removal when i inspected the old one on my bench i notice tree were similar, clean gray coloured whit only a little white spot just at the end of the tip; the other was really different (cyl 3) black and...
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    long lasting timing belt for european golf 110 AHF

    I'm going for a second timing belt job; more than 170k km and five years from last change at 90K. this time i'd like to mount a long lastin' kit but not sure if it will fit my car. Just asked here in Italy but it seems nobody knows the 100k miles kit. Please help. thanks