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    Best analysis lab for fuel dilution using B99

    What's the best oil analysis lab for testing fuel dilution while burning biodiesel? I'm running B99 in my 2009 Jetta and have a fuel dilution problem. My sample to Blackstone came back at 2.5%. While a high value, I was expecting much higher as I had to pull 24 oz out just to bring the level...
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    Castrol SLX Professional OE in 2009 TDI

    I just got my oil changed at my local dealer for the 1st time. Before they started they said they would be using Castrol Professional, and I assumed they meant the OEL. When he started to refill the oil, I noticed he was using Castrol SLX Professional OE SAE 5W30. I stopped him and let him know...
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    B100 in Rod's 2009 Jetta

    Biodiesel in Rod's 2009 Jetta I'm running B100 in my '09 Jetta, and have been since I picked it up a little over a month ago. She had 243 miles and a nearly full tank of petrol diesel when I took delivery, so the first 700 miles are on that. I now have about 2,600 miles and have experienced no...