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    Lightbar for 2011 JSW

    Does anyone know of anyone who makes a lightbar for the 2011 JSW?
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    Can I use a VNT-17 on a stock tune?

    Long story short, the turbo on my dads 04 jetta has a defective actuator. I'm not sure if you can replace only the actuator or not, but here is my question. since the stock turbo and the VNT17 are so close in price, I feel that it is worth it to get the 17 just in case dad decides to ever tune...
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    how do I get my headlights to turn on when I unlock the doors?

    I have searched, and I'm pretty sure it can be adjusted via the options in the MFD, but I can;t find it. How can I enable my headlights to turn on for a couple seconds when I unlock my car? Thanks Tim
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    I want to find a way to mount these lights....

    Hey folks, Does anyone know if these would fit in the factory foglight position if I fabricated a mount? Or Does anyone know of a small light bar for the JSW? Thanks Tim
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    Headlights to come on when car is unlocked

    is there any way to get the headlights to come on when the JSW is unlocked? Vag Com? thanks Tim
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    Driven 337 miles on half a tank :)

    This is only my 2nd tank on the JSW, but I'm really hopeful that I can break 600 miles with it :)
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    Removing rear/cargo dome light cover on JSW

    hey folks, I am wanting to install a brighter LED light for the rear cargo area as the stock light is not bright enough. It looks like there are just a tab on each end were you pry one side off, then the other side. Swap the light, then pop the cover back in place? I just dont want to break...
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    amazed at the power

    So day 2 with the JSW is coming to a close, and I just cant believe the difference in power versus my 04 Jetta. I have a 6spd manual and honestly, I think 2nd gear is about amazing. if 2nd is taken up to around 3000-3500 you can easily shift in to 4th, and even 5th gear if the road is slightly...
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    new JSW, and the sirius radio sounds like poo

    Picked up a brand new JSW last night, salsa red, 6spd. Love it so far. Although, the Sirius radio sounds like crap. almost like it is being "streamed" via the internet. I don't know how to explain it but thats what it sounds like. The FM works great, as does the AUX with my ipod. Any thoughts?
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    hard time deciding between Jetta Sedan and JSW

    Truth be told I would rather have a 4dr golf with HIDs, and a 6spd but they are very hard to find, or so it seems, so I've probably going to be going with a Jetta sedan or the JSW. I know the 2dt golf has pretty much the same interior and cargo space, but i need the extra 2 doors. I know it has...
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    3rd EGR failure in under 12K miles

    Bone stock car, the dealer just replaced the EGR pipe for the third time in under 12K miles. isnt there a way to block that crap off?
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    high and low beam at same time

    Hey, is there a way to keep your low beams on when you turn on the high beams? Thanks Tim
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    anyone in the Charlotte area that can help, or do, a TB on 04 PD

    Hey, Just looking for someone, or a mechanic, in the Charlotte area than can be recommended to replace a timing belt on a 04 PD jetta. thanks Tim
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    looking at buying an 06 tdi jetta

    Did the 06 have the DSG or the older one? thanks Tim
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    just how smokey is it

    Was looking at the malone page for the stage 2 for a PD, and it says med-heavy smoke at WOT. Just how smokey is it? thanks Tim
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    just how smokey is it

    Was looking at the malone page for the stage 2 for a PD, and it says med-heavy smoke at WOT. Just how smokey is it?
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    Drove back from the Florida keys in my 04 5spd. According to the Garmin GPS our moving average was 78mph, and my calculated MPG was 45.9mpg Most of it was at night so we didnt have to keep the AC on as much, and used the cruise control mostly. Had it not been for the toll booths, it might have...
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    CEL and no boost 04 Jetta

    hey folks, very little, or no boost and a check engine light. Car was driving fine, then i noticed that i had no acceleration on the highway and about 3-4 miles later the CEL came on. As best I can tell there is "some" boost under 2000rpm, then you can hear an audible change in the engine...
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    Going from stock to VNT-17 - how hard is install?

    I was wondering how mechanically hard it is to swap a VNT17 on to a 04 jetta PD? From everything I have seen it is a direct bolt-on, requiring only a EGR modification. Is this something that I can install myself? thanks Tim
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    driving from charlotte to the FL Keys

    Hey tdi'ers! I'm driving my 04 Jetta 5-spd to the Keys in about 1 month. Anything I should do before I make the drive? I have 64K miles on it now. thanks Tim