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  1. AlcoC420

    Biodiesel Can Cleanout Question

    We'll soon be selling our 2010 TDI back to VW. Years ago I bought a very nice industrial-grade 2 GA fuel can so that we could run a small percentage (less than 5%) of biodiesel in each tank, as supplied by a local retailer. I'd like to keep the can for lawnmower gasoline. I emptied the...
  2. AlcoC420

    Will TDI With DPF Regen Light Ruin Buy Back?

    My wife reported today that the regen light has suddenly appeared. We had the DPF replaced 41,500 Miles ago. Will VW accept a buyback with this light lit? :confused: Thank you.
  3. AlcoC420

    How Do I Replace The REAR Wiper Blade?

    What's the technique to replace the REAR wiper blade on our 2010 JSW? The rear wiper arm assembly is different from the front and it isn't apparent to me how to separate the blade from it. Thank you. [VW P/N 1K9955427]
  4. AlcoC420

    Tire Rotation / Lifting Points?

    I prefer to rotate tires myself, using a torque wrench and all so that I know everything is done right. I have a question about lifting points on our 2010 Sportwagen. Is it okay for me to place my floor jack underneath on the frame between the doors to lift the Sportwagen, then place...
  5. AlcoC420

    Lamp Out Behind Orange Lens In Front

    We have a lamp failure behind the curved orange lens on the front bumper on the passenger side of our 2010 Sportwagen TDI. Does anyone know what lamp to buy at the auto parts store? Any watchouts to be aware of? I'd like to be able to remove and replace in one sitting rather than remove...
  6. AlcoC420

    Midlands BIOFUELS GTG in Central SC - June 2014

    Has anyone heard word from BioJoe if Midlands Biofuels in Winnsboro, SC will be hosting a 4th Annual Diesel Car & Truck Show in 2014? It was held in June last year and we've really enjoyed these shows in past years. :)
  7. AlcoC420

    Intermittent Vibration Noise In JSW Passenger Door

    On certain road surfaces the passenger door behind the driver makes an intermittent buzzing vibration noise. If I press my hand hard on the surface sort of near the door handle, it briefly subsides. How do I remove the door panel? I see a single bolt at the very bottom of the door panel, but...
  8. AlcoC420

    Deep South To WI and Back

    Took the '10 JSW 6M on a 2,000 Mile trek from the deep south to WI and back with three people and A/C on, averaging just over 50 MPG (per the dash display) at mostly legal speeds. VERY pleased with the economy and performance -- no problem whatsoever passing slower traffic in the mountains. I...
  9. AlcoC420

    Headlights Cracked At Top Of Lens

    As my wife washed the JSW this afternoon, she noticed that both headlight lenses are similarly cracked on the top edge as these photos show. We have a bra on the front, but I don't think there is pressure where the cracks are because with the hood closed I can easily slide a business card along...
  10. AlcoC420

    South Carolina B10 Found

    Happened to find that the huge new Pilot station/truck stop on I-26 in Newberry, SC sells B10 at all pumps and it's available at every pump island. The pump stickers read 'Up To B10". Those of us running new TDIs shouldn't use B10, but I thought it was interesting to find the stuff.
  11. AlcoC420

    Brake Lamp Failure - What Do I Buy?

    The brake lamp on the passenger's side failed on my wife's '10 JSW. What lamp do I need to buy at the auto parts store to replace it with? There's no lamp chart in the Owner's Manual -- just a warning that all lamps should be replaced by an authorized Dealer. :confused: Am I missing...
  12. AlcoC420

    Can't See Uploaded Photos

    Although I'm a Registered User (and have been for months), when I click on photos uploaded to TDIClub, I see this: You must be a registered user to view images! To register click on the REGISTER button in the menu above. Is there something I need to fix? Thank you. :confused:
  13. AlcoC420

    South Carolina Tax Credit On Diesel Vehicles?

    Does anyone know if the State of South Carolina provides a tax credit on the purchase of a diesel vehicle? This form makes it seem so at 20% of the Federal Credit: The Federal form 8910 defines an "advanced...
  14. AlcoC420

    Adjusting Rear Window Sprayer

    In our 2010 JSW TDI, my wife reports that the rear window sprayer shoots the fluid stream in an upward direction that doesn't hit the glass. Is this adjustable? I see a tiny metal nozzle in there with an oriface, but I don't want to stick a pin in there and try to move it if it's not meant to...
  15. AlcoC420

    TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) List Location?

    I'm new to the world of VW. Is there a no-cost web location where TSBs are listed along with some detail? Alldata is near useless in this regard, offering only a wisp of information. Dealers are sometimes unaware of TSBs and I like to stay abreast of anything that might affect our new JSW...
  16. AlcoC420

    Glow Plug Light Question

    This is our first diesel and sometimes I'm forgetful and start the engine without thinking of watching for the glow plug light to go dark beforehand. Does this do any damage? (It only stays on for a second, but the weather is warm. I'm assuming that in cold weather it might stay on longer?)...
  17. AlcoC420

    CBEA or CJAA?

    This may have been asked before, but is there any difference in the CBEA and CJAA engines? Which is in our 2010 JSW (U.S.)? Thank you.
  18. AlcoC420

    Rear Wheel Camber

    I was following my wife while she drove her new '10 JSW TDI and I noticed that the rear wheels both equally showed a slight negative camber -- the bottom of the wheel sticks out a small bit more than the top of the wheel, almost as if it's carrying a heavy load. I'm probably the only person...
  19. AlcoC420

    VW Club On VW Website (US)

    Has anyone phoned VW to join the VW Club as advertised on VW's US website? Just wondering if it's worth a call. Interesting that ten years into the 21st Century, a phone call to VW is still required!
  20. AlcoC420

    2010 Bioline Wheel Part Number?

    My wife somehow scrubbed up against a curb at speed in our new (March 2010 build) JSW TDI and gouged up a factory standard Bioline wheel. Fortunately, the tire is perfect and the car still runs straight, true and without any thumping or wobble. I called my VW Dealer parts guy and even with...