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    Oil in the intercooler, Stalling, Jerking

    I just recently cleaned out the pipe that is coming from the turbo to the intercooler and it had tons of oil in it. the EGR spits out ol also. I did the cleaning of the EGR sme time ago but still oil is always there. The car is running pretty good eccept when its STALLING/JERKING here and...
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    Turbo clean up

    I just cleaned out my TURBO on my 98 Beetle after 235000 miles. Check it out: Now i can hear it loud and clear :) BUT the car still doas not pull the way it should. I have changed all hose and still...
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    What's wrong with my engine? need help

    Take a look at this video of my engine: 98 Tdi Beetle, 235800 miles, 5 speed manual, When the car is just rolling in very slow speed in N gear the engine make wierd noice and runs like crap but as...