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    Brm stuck glow plug issue

    I have an 06 Jetta tdi BRM engine I was swapping glow plugs and cylinder #1 glow plug was stuck and literally the top part pulled off leaving the glow plug end along with the welded metal that comes from it wedged in the head. I’ve driven the car for months like this but when smog time comes I...
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    Removing broken glow plug

    I have an 06 Jetta tdi BRM engine I was swapping glow plugs and cylinder #1 glow plug was stuck and literally the top part pulled off leaving the glow plug end along with the welded metal that comes from it wedged in the head. I’ve driven the car for months like this but when smog time comes I...
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    06 Jetta tdi stops after start

    Hi, I have an 06 Jetta tdi BRM engine automatic Lately I have been having a starting issue If I start it, it runs for 2 second and turns off. If however, I apply the gas pedal it will rev up the idle normal without shutting off. I have changed out my fuel filter. Is this an indication that...
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    2000 Vw tdi p1557 persisting only uphill

    I have a 2000 Vw Jetta tdi 234,000 miles Runs here at but the minute I go up a steep grade it goes into limp mode. I have swapped my n75 Changed all vacuum lines Cleaned the intake manifold Is there anything I can look at before thinking I need to swap the turbo ? The cartridge in...
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    06 Jetta brm auto trans leak

    I have 2- 06 jettas w/ brm tdi engine and auto transmission. Both have a fluid leak right by the filter and have attached photos. Can it just be the o-ring or is there a common failure of some sort there I should look into?[P
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    06 5speed Jetta Tdi manual 5th gear upgrade ?

    I have a 2006 Vw Jetta Tdi brm 5speed and I’m wanting to lower my 5th gear rpm when on the freeway to get better mpg. Any solid options out there ? Is it easy to swap ?
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    Horn and steering wheel airbag code

    Hi I have a 2006 Volkswagen Jetta TDI. My airbag light is on in my horn does not work. I tried switching airbags into leading the code using VagCom but that doesn’t work. Still gives the same codes. Can the issue be a steering wheel angle sensor? Or something else? Does anybody know where this...
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    DSG PRDS flashing only into reverse

    So I’ve read this is a very common problem but i would like to ask if anyone can narrow it down as to where I should start looking It’s a 06 jetta tdi Brm engine Had a tranny leak and I fixed that What happens is if I’m driving and I stop and put it in reverse the car won’t engage but tries...
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    P161A and keeps comping back

    2006 Vw Jetta tdi automatic Brm I have changed the glow plugs and glow plug harness and I still keep getting these codes, any ideas please P161A open circuit P161B P161C P161D
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    Is soya bean oil a good oil to use as fuel?

    I’ve been filtering veggie oil from a fryer for some time now and mixing it with diesel and no issues. My question is I just found a source for soya bean oil from a Chinese restaurant and wanted to know if anyone knows if it’s a good oil to use for my veggie oil diesel mix ?
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    Alh turbo boost control question

    Ahu turbo boost control question Hi I converted a 93 suzuki sidekick gas engine to a 1997 VW Jetta TDI alh. I had a code jump up and noticed that when I’m driving my boost stays constantly high as if the actauator never kicks in to let it out when it reaches to high and puts me in limp mode ...
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    Starter relay? Car jumped crossing terminals

    Hi Ok I have a 2006 Vw Jetta TDI Brm Just bought the car from a guy who said he tried jumping the car one day and accidentally put positive on negative and negative on positive. Needless to say for sure the battery is fried. I checked it and using a spare. If I turn the ignition key trying to...
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    Brm Black black smoke, won’t drive P0131,P0101

    I have read thru the lists and can’t find an answer for this issue in any of them. 06 Jetta TDI Brm auto I just relplqced the turbo and the car started up and ran perfect Started it the next morning and drove it for a mile. First stop sign the car started stumbling or hesitating but then...
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    02511 seat occupied code?

    It’s a 2006 Vw Jetta tdi automatic I keep getting error code 02511- Control module for seat occupied recognition (j706) 012- electrical fail in circuit- mil on 02511- Control module for seat occupied recognition (j706) 008- implausible signal - mil on I’ve looked and...
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    Fans don't stop and ac clutch won't engage

    Hi and please help It's a 1999 vw jetta tdi Manual 5 speed My ac clutch does not get power to it and the fan stays on for five mins after turning off the car without driving it anywhere. What am I not getting ? Yes I've looked at all the posts Yes I've changed the fan control module 5x From...
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    Egr cooler actuator issue?

    Ok quick question and I searched for it but all I keep finding is egr stuff but other then the delete kits nothing else I have a 06 Jetta tdi Brm Car stalled and losss of power and if I tried to drive would just die with lots of smoke. I luckily had another egr valve which I replaced with...
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    06 pd has big jerking when boosts and p0101 code

    I've looked thru all the posts on p0101 code. I checked the cam and and lobes and found a little wear on a few lobes. It's visible but you can't feel the wear when running your fingers across My issue is black smoke and when I accelerate under Load and car boosts it's starts jerking really...
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    Timing belt always changes after I set it

    I have a 1997 vw passat tdi ahu Car was running then randomly stopped... every Time I check the Timing the crank is off by two or three teeth. I'll loosen everything and then reset and tighten and after manually turning the engine over a few times when I check the marks the cam is on and the...
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    No start problem on 98 ahu

    Hi I have a 1998 Vw Jetta ahu Tdi When I turn the key lights on cluster come on but no reaction from starter. If I jump the starter directly and have key in on position car will run Also I get a 01266 glow Plug relay I don't know if any of this is related but this is my problem It will not...
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    Where to buy lower radiator hose for B4?????

    I have a 1997 Vw passat Tdi Ahu I need the lower radiator hose and everywhere I look it is discontinued. Does anyone have a source? Thank you