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    fans always on

    The cooling fans on my 06 BRM come on with the ignition switch, not just when the engine is running. A/C has been inop since I bought the car in 2018. Replaced the engine earlier this year and about 1000 miles after engine r&r, the fans started staying on 100% of the time until 15-30 seconds...
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    Vacuum and exhaust picture

    Hello friends. I'm reinstalling an engine back in my 06 and my vacuum lines got all tangled up when they were off. I've got them plugged in where they're supposed to go but it looks like garbage. Also, which vacuum/electric lines do I need to protect with the heat wrap? If anyone has a pic of...
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    BRM upper oil cooler hose

    Replacing my 2006 engine but the upper oil cooler hose was cut off when I bought the replacement engine. IDparts only has a replacement for the A5 late hose with the plastic wrap around hard pipe but my engine has the metal. I've already purchased other hoses for the metal hard pipe and want to...
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    06 BRM Boost spikes, Died on off ramp, No start

    Check your timing belt. These symptoms happened to me about a month ago. Crank pulley chewed the teeth off of the T-belt...
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    2006 TDI PD Best Oil/Where to buy

    It's not as easy as you think finding 505.01 oil in the mainstream parts stores. I finally found one carried at Advanced: the Valvoline SYNPower MST 5W-40. It's on the oil change special sale right now 5 quarts plus filter for $29.99.
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    06 Jetta shimmy

    It's possible. I've been driving up & down US-69 in Oklahoma quite a bit recently & the Lord knows there are some rough parts out there. But it's gradually getting worse but strangely only above those speeds. My rearview mirror shakes so bad I see double sometimes. I'm going to have it looked...
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    06 Jetta shimmy

    My '06 Jetta has developed a shimmy above 60 mph on the highway. I just had tires balanced & an alignment done about 10k miles ago. Car has 210k miles on the odometer. The shimmy seems to get worse during acceleration. Should I get the alignment & tire balance rechecked? CV axle? I've read...
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    Brm Black black smoke, won’t drive P0131,P0101

    Impressive! Post#99 spooked me! I'd better get mine checked as my white '06 is now getting a sooty back bumper. Running great otherwise. More to follow...
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    Used BRM engines & connected DSG's

    Invader: Yes, they split them for me. My thinking is that I could always have a spare for when the one in the car craps the bed. For example, buy the best spare, go over it with a fine tooth comb, cam included, and have it prepped for when the installed engine or DSG gives up the ghost. I don't...
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    central illinois?

    I'm from Liberty, 15 miles east of Quincy, IL. Currently finishing my 20th year in the Army before I retire back to the farm in June!
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    Used BRM engines & connected DSG's

    It's hard not to be a hoarder for myself or maybe others when VW announces no more TDI's. They're only going to get more & more scarce as the years go by.
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    Used BRM engines & connected DSG's

    I have an opportunity to get 2 - 2006 BRM engines & DSG's. $550 each for the engine, $350 each for the DSG's. One set has roughly 215k miles & the other roughly 195k miles. Besides mileage, I have no other indications of their conditions. I've looked around the internet and have seen engines...