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  1. Kylebr1

    Exhaust leak ? Turbo failure??

    Ok so last week i had my 06 jetta tuned at PG performance Malone stage 1.5 with egr delete. I was cruising home from work last Friday, 4th gear foot to the floor and all of a sudden i hear what sounds like a squirrel getting ran over. Noise was relevant every time i would blip the throttle or...
  2. Kylebr1

    No Cel ? EGR delete

    Hello Hope I am posting in the appropriate area. Just purchased my 2006 Jetta TDI BRM, recently had the camshaft timing belt and water pump replaced. Dual mass flywheel and clutch was also just done. When I bought the car I did the fuel filter air filter and a oil change, fixed the door...