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    VW to spend $10M on Charging stations (USA) On the coasts, not the middle of the country, Darnit. Bill
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    VW at CES 2015

    News about the new VW entertainment system that uses gesture control... Coming later this year in the E-Golf? Enjoy, Bill
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    V2V and Super Cruise from GM (2017 models)

    In this news article: Cadillac tells us that they will have a new unspecified 2017 Cadillac model in a segment that they don't currently compete in (Crossover?). The new model will be able to...
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    Would be Carjacker foiled by manual transmission

    A would be carjacker takes car at gunpoint and then finds out he picked a car he doesn't know how to drive. TV News Video: Heh, Bill
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    Blendmount for V1 now fits SEL Passat 2012 up

    If you have used Blendmounts in the past, you know how neat they are. Very well made, but not cheap. Look into their wiring options as well. They now have a model to fit the Passat SEL with self dimming mirror. (VW-003) This mount clamps to the...
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    Cold snap in forecast-2013 November

    Kansas City / Midwest USA area.... We have not been below freezing except for a few hours so far this fall season. Monday night 11/11/2013 is forecast for a low of 21F, a substantial change.... Dose your TDI fuel tanks with your favorite brand of ANTIGEL tomorrow at the latest. The first time...
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    VW's new IOS-centric repair guidance system (MARTA) Augmented reality makes its way into service centers. Bill
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    Solazyme making 'oils', someday they hope to make fuel
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    Ticket for failing to move right.

    Maryland Lady gets a ticket while doing 63 in a 65. Read the comments after the story. Bill
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    bogus fuel saver- try fuel up dot com

    Just watched an infomercial for Try fuel up dot com. Don't waste your money, it will not and does not work. Bill
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    10% (AERO)Drag Reduction W/factory parts

    10% CLAIMED (AERO)Drag Reduction W/factory parts Link: Excerpt: It might be desirable to retrofit these parts to TDI Jettas in the future. This Hybrid Jetta is supposed to go on sale before the end of 2012 and...
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    Bike made from car to escape from desert

    IDK if this is on the level or not... but it is an interesting story nonetheless.:eek: Bill
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    2013 passat specs!!

    Here is the first info I could find on the 2013 Passat. Looking good to me..... :):) Bill
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    Teens waiting later to drive. 'driving interferes with texting' :eek: (That actually did made me laugh!) Bill
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    2012 VW Super Bowl Ad Preview.

    Remember the VW ad with the little boy dressed as Darth Vader using the 'Force' on a new Passat? This years (2012) Superbowl Ad promises to have a Star Wars connection as well. Click for a preview...
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    Audi A3 at CES. Low end Audi models to get high end tech. Pop up screen and touch pad. Bill
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    MKV-A5 SMF conversion. CoolAirVW

    2005 Jetta Pkg 1, 5 speed with RC1+. Well, at 106,000 miles I finally had the DMF changed out for a single mass flywheel. A G60/VR6 flywheel/clutch combination was installed resulting in much smoother acceleration and an obviously smoother idle. The old DMF was a real mess and apparently nearing...
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    Road Debris Cleanup/Deer Strike Odds

    Neat story and you tube link about the 'Gator Getter', a device used to clean debris from roadways without stopping the truck. Also the odds of hitting a deer in the next twelve months is about 1 in 200..... Enjoy! Bill
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    Server slow today?

    Seems quite slow today. Page generated in 0.73460 seconds with 8 queries [Output: 143.92 Kb. compressed to 138.90 Kb. by saving 5.02 Kb. (3.49%)] Bill
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    Not Diesel-cellulosic Alcohol pilot plant news

    FYI, Experimental plant in Missouri. Please note, this is not a Diesel fuel substitute but it is biomass(switchgrass) to liquid(ethanol). Enjoy, Bill