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    Ac compressor fast cycling

    Hello, I have searched the forum with no success on the issue. I apologize if this specific issue has been covered. I have a 2001 tdi golf in which the ac has worked great for a long time. My fans quit, I replaced them, they worked, ac still worked. Fast forward 6 months. Now when the car is...
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    Blinker stalk and glow plug light

    Ok I had an 02 tdi that I was t boned in (it was totaled and I wanted to cry) anyways, I replaced it with an 01 tdi and of course it’s the same car right? Well a very subtle difference I noticed was the blinker stalk, the cruise function in particular. The 02 had a rocker switch for accel and...
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    01 golf tdi exhaust leak

    Pretty sure I have a leak at the exhaust manifold. I’m planning to do a turbo swap while I’m in there. Main question Can I pull the turbo/exhaust manifold unit from the bottom leaving the intake in place? I have a car lift and seems like it’ll it’s possible, it may be the easiest. Thank you in...
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    01 Jetta mass airflow

    New guy here. I have a Jetta that I recently acquired. It will run with the mass airflow sensor unplugged. It will drive. But limp mode is triggered and it will barely run 60. If plugged in it will idle fine. But as soon as it’s shifted into gear (automatic) it runs for a second or 2 then dies...