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    Air oil and cabin filters $5 each or $15 for all 4

    I have two air filters, one oil filter and one cabin filter for a 2010-2014 TDI sportwagen or similar. $5 each or $15 for all 4. Indianapolis area but could also meet between Indy and Memphis via Louisville and Nashville. Thanks!
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    DSG maintenance kit from ECS Tuning $50

    Necessary filter and lubricant for carrying out a DSG fluid change. Asking $50. I also have air filters and oil filter for a 2010-2014 or similar TDI. Indianapolis area or could meet anywhere between Indy and Memphis through Louisville and Nashville. Thanks for looking. Link to pics...
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    Curt Hitch C11072 and TDI/DSG maintenance Parts in Indianapolis

    I have a Curt hitch that will fit a number of golf/jettas from 2005 to 2016. See link for fitting. I have all the hardware except one bolt and one backer washer. I'm sure you can get it from Kurt or a good hardware store. $20 for the Hitch I...
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    MB Motoring wheels and Hakkapeliita R4's for sale Indianapolis

    Hi everyone, I have a set of MB Motoring wheels (MB14), Hakkapeliita R4 tires and theft resistant stud set for sale in excellent condition. Asking 400 for the set. Thanks for taking a look, additional info below:
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    Curt Hitch for MK6 Jetta Sportwagen $65 Indianapolis

    Curt hitch off of 2012 Jetta sportwagen. Excellent condition, no rust etc. As shown in the link below. Will need one bolt and retainer (silver piece with square allowance for lag bolt). Hitch is located near Indianapolis If interested please email sweetpea46142(at sign)yahoodotcom Pictures...
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    Vendor Market?

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if the Vendor market included a swap meet area? I haven't been to a TDIFest but when I was hacking around with Saabs there was always a healthy representation of members looking to sell/trade/swap. Wondering if the same happens here? Thanks!
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    Too late to register?

    Hi guys, We had some plans cancel and were thinking of coming to TDI fest. Is it too late? Thanks!
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    Source or part # for Rear Diffuser with hitch access?

    Hi guys, I have been reading intently about some of the euro hitch installations. I have seen the conversions done with the bumper cutout and some vague references to the bumper or rear diffuser that has the hatch built in. Does anyone have the part number for that diffuser or a place that is...