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  1. turbocharged798

    WTB MK4 front door window weatherstripping

    Looking for the section of window track/weather stripping that goes on the front doors of MK4 cars. Either golf of jetta should work. Mine is cracked and shot and OEM is like $200 each. Thanks!
  2. turbocharged798

    Wonder why this 03 Golf has no power...

    I'll just leave this here. Never seen one this bad before. Can't even fit your pinky in there.o_O
  3. turbocharged798

    No brainer main bearing bolt upgrade for all 1.9 TDIs.

    Just figured I would share this, this is the typical 1.9L 1Z/AHU/ALH/BRM/BEW main bolt: VW part number N90130001. Same part I have been using for YEARS. Grade 10.9 fastener. Its also used on many other gasser 4 cylinder...
  4. turbocharged798

    FS 2.0 BHW piston set new.

    SOLD! Was going to bore my project ALH out to 2.0L and use these pistons but decided to go another direction. These are Kolbenschmidt 2.0L BHW pistons. Very high quality and complete kit with wrist pin and rings, complete set of four. $500 plus shipping. Thanks.
  5. turbocharged798

    GTB2056VL build questions.

    This should be a fun one, have a core ALH engine, a rust free gasser Mk4 shell, and picked up a GTB2056VL off ebay uk for $300 delivered to my door. Came off some diesel volvo of sorts. From what I have been reading, its one of the best all around turbos for these engines out there. My plan is...
  6. turbocharged798

    BRM/MK5 ECU, engine harness, and go pedal.

    Was planning to convert my MK5 gasser to diesel but desired to go with a MK4 instead. So have some parts I was collecting to convert it. Shipping included to lower 48 unless otherwise specified. All prices are OBO. BRM ECU, PN 03G 906 016AC. Also have wire harness to go with it. $125 for the...
  7. turbocharged798

    Rotella T6 Synthetic in 15W40, uhm what?

    Just noticed that our local walmart is now carrying Rotella T6 synthetic in 15W40, what moron came up with this idea?:confused: Isn't one of the strong selling points of a synthetic is good cold flow properties...
  8. turbocharged798

    Test run E-ALH with no ECU.

    So long story short, I have acquired another ALH engine for really cheap as a core. So far it looks like a decent run-able engine. So I got thinking about this and in theory, I would need to do is put +12 the IP shutoff, and a few volts to the Q/A. The advanced solenoid would be pinned at...
  9. turbocharged798

    Has anyone done subframe bushings?

    First time doing subframe bushings...bought Rein replacements. I thought they were very cheap(like $5 a piece). Made in china of course, stinks like cheap rubber too. Removing old ones was easy, just hammered on them and they fell right out. Trying to put in the new Rein ones on the other hand...
  10. turbocharged798

    1000W frostheater thermostat question

    Long story short, I got a 1000W frost heater that was used unknown condition. Was cracked from plain water being left in it but I have repaired that with brazing rod. I tested it by filling it with water and plugged it in. Will boil the water in it in less than a minute. Aren't they supposed to...
  11. turbocharged798

    Replacement heater core leaking after 3 years.

    I need to rant. The original heater core in my 99.5 failed sometime around fall of 2014. Replaced it with an OEM one directly from VW. Well, starting to notice that all too familiar sweet smell again in the mornings. This blows. :mad: Any thoughts on why it only lasted three years? Been using...
  12. turbocharged798

    Unraveling the MK4 lamp mystery (cross reference chart)

    Figured I would share this chart I made, this came about because finding proper MK4 replacement lamps can be difficult. And as we know, these cars always need replacements. So I sat down and started doing research. It turns out that for whatever reason VW engineers decided to use really short...
  13. turbocharged798

    BRM with an 09G transmission?

    Looking at my Bentley and confirmed in real life, the 09G auto transmission that came with the 5 cylinder gasser MK5s has the perfect ratios for TDIs. Does any one know if it would work with a BRM? I know that it should bolt up as the bell housing is the same for 5 cylinder and TDI. Question is...
  14. turbocharged798

    WTB ross-tech micro can

    Looking for a ross-tech micro can to use on an 09 Jetta. I have a key usb and rather than trade it in for a newer one I am seeing if anybody out there has micro can they want to get rid of. Its a $159 for me to do a trade in so $150 is about what I am looking to pay. Thanks!
  15. turbocharged798

    ALH in a 2.5L MK5 Jetta

    Legalities aside, is it possible? Biggest problem seems to be having the ECU communicate with the MK5 can-bus network. I haven't tried hooking up a MK4 ECU to the MK5 can-bus network but I am really wondering if it would communicate or not. Regarding mechanical, MK5 has electric PS with its...
  16. turbocharged798

    FS: Mk5 passenger side door lock assy, window motor, and glass

    Following parts are out of a 09 MK5 Jetta from front passenger door.Prices that include shipping are for the lower 48 only. Window motor/door control module.$35 shipped. Door lock carrier. Worked when pulled, microswitches seem to work fine. $40 shipped. Door glass, (no picture)...
  17. turbocharged798

    Auto axles on 02J with 108MM flanges

    Can anyone confirm that 01M axles will work with the 02J 5 speed if 108MM axle flanges are used? I ask because I have a set of 2.slo auto axles and a set of 108MM flanges. I have heard of people discussing this but never anything confirmed that it actually worked. Thanks!
  18. turbocharged798

    Cheapish ALH clutch options for tune/nozzles.

    Hey guys, I currently have a G60/VR6 in my 99.5 and its been slipping with DLC1019's and a DIY 15PSI tune. Some days it holds, other days it slips like mad in 4th and 5th. I think it also might be a bit worn as the engagement point is quite low. At the time I put it in, I bought a used AHU...
  19. turbocharged798

    2.2 GM Ecotec oil consumption.

    Have a non-VW question. We have an 05 Cavalier 2 door 5 speed with the 2.2 Ecotec engine. While the rest of the rest of the car is a POS, the engine has been quite reliable and never consumed any oil, until recently. All of a sudden it started consuming a quart every 1500mi or so. I do not see...
  20. turbocharged798

    WTB frostheater housing

    I have a frost heater than came off a car but water was left in it and it froze and busted. Element and everything else is still good. Does anyone have one with say a bad element they want to sell cheap? I just need the housing. Thanks!