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    Possible claim if you sold your TDI before 2015

    Saw this. Could assist some people who may have sold their TDI before the 2015 initial recalls.
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    FS. 2012-2014 Passat TDI SE 17" OEM wheel

    One B7 Passat TDI SE 17x7" inch alloy OEM wheel that I had as a spare. Never used it. Almost new. Part number 69928. $75 plus $25 shipping. Send PM if interested.
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    $5 Noise fix for trunk resonance noise.

    I was lucky enough to get Contis on my delivered car, instead of Hankook's on the one that I test drove. Still hearing some unwanted road noise, I did some investigating and noticed a pretty wide gap between the back of the rear seats and the trunk crossmember. Wow, I thought. That is where the...
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    FYI, 2013 update on the updates

    From another site: >Rear trunk hinge covers on all models >Manual air conditioning on all models S and SE models. SEL keeps dual zone auto climate >Redesigned center console with rear center air vents >4 years pre-paid Traffic coverage for Sirus traffic, 3 month for all other services >Rear...
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    So why is the steering wheel off center from the seat?

    Test drove a 2012 Passat TDI today and I noticed as someone else also pointed out, the centerline of the driver's seat and centerline of the steering wheel seem to be offset from each other a bit. In other words, you don't sit directly behind the steering wheel. The centerline of the steering...
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    AdBlue dealer spillage on Vortex

    Saw this on another site. Dealer messed up the AdBlue refill and it caused an extensive corrosive mess.***...-just-noticed-today... Wonder if the 2013's will have a modified design now?
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    FS: Michelin Ice-X snows on Audi 16"x7" Sport wheels. 5x112 bolt ptrn.

    For Sale: Michelin Ice-X on 16" Audi Sport wheels, SE. Pa. Highly rated Michelin 205/55-R16 ICE-X snow tires with OEM Audi 16x7 sport alloys. Tires have probably three season left on them. Wheels are true, and a few have minor curbage. They are the winter setup after all. Just bolt on and...
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    170mpg VW Diesel-Hybrid for 2013
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    Pricing on 2011 Jetta TDI announced

    Found this over at Vortex. Has the whole line up. 2.0L TDI - 6-spd Manual - $22,995 - 6-spd DSG Auto - $24,095 -Mike
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    New twin turbo diesel police cruiser

    Carbon Motors E7 Police Cruiser.
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    MKV GLI OEM springs & struts FS

    OEM, Jetta MKV GLI suspension for sale. Picked it up from Vortex a while ago, but my project plans have changed. From a 2006 w/@ 25k miles on them. Asking $150 plus $20 shipping. Pics here: -Mike
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    Interesting Vortex Gen gadget

    Just stumbled upon this for numerous applications.
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    BMW Mini Diesel planned for US market.
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    Feeler FS A5 Jetta Baracuda roof bike rack

    For sale A5 Jetta Baracuda roof bike rack Selling my VW Drivegear Barracuda Bike rack. It is presently set up to carry three bikes. Can be configured to carry 1-3 bikes. Includes mounting key torque wrench, lock keys and Thule wind fairing (which I paid extra for, @ 100 bucks). Takes about 5...
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    FYI. B99 @ $4/gal Philly area. The good stuff.

    Contact Bill Hanly, at Hanly Oil. They are the Philly area distributor for Worley and Obetz/Amerigreen/HC Renier. Bill has been selling to me at $4/gal in todays high price climate. That is 40 cents cheaper than D2 around here for the good stuff! He 'can' deliver a large quantity to your...
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    Pro Diesel video on

    Something I put together for my newspaper regarding the 2008 Philadelphia Auto Show. One guy was pro diesel and mentioned most of the Diesel virtues vs Hybrids. -Mike 2005.5 A5 Jetta TDI
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    Is America ripe for next-gen diesel vehicles? Many carmakers guess no

    Saw this in the Orlando Sentinel today. "Is America ripe for next-gen diesel vehicles? Many carmakers guess no" Mostly a story headed in t right direction.,0,6029648.column A story that is mostly headed in the right...
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    Audi A5 Two door

    Saw an Audi A5 two door today. Don't think it was a TDI. Couldn't get close enough. Those LED Angle eyes in the headlights are sick. :D -Mike
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    Anyone in the Cincinnati area do house calls?

    Relative just bought a used '05 from one of our favourite dealers in the Phila area. He's a TDI newby. He was driving it home to Cincinnati, when the engine check light came on. Car continued to drive okay. :confused: He got it home, started driving the next day, and started getting a clicking...
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    1981 VW Dasher Diesel FS over on Ebay Seems like a nice one. :eek: -Mike