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    biodiesel in 2009 TDIs

    Good to see Neurot back on, thanks for the update. Sorry you have been driven to distraction (and deep sarcasm) by folks that don't understand what a warranty is for. No CEL when running B50 in your 2009 TDI is good news. More news- oil dilution, etc. don't seem to be an operational hazard for...
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    Diesel fuel gelling?

    ULSD gel point 10F...
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    Sound off on current BIODIESEL prices!!

    Baltimore Biodiesel is selling B50 for $3.37 a gallon right now.
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    -15 deg C and my B50(?) gelled in jerry can...

    Looks like B50. Mike, your fuel seller said you caught him 'transitioning' from B20 to B50. Can a moderator fix the title of this thread, please?
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    Fuel Dilution Testing Protocol

    Hmm, here's an assumption that's central to the whole fuel dilution phenomenon: fuel dilution causes increased engine wear. Increased wear occurs IF the fuel is less lubricious than the oil. In Polaris' words: >>>This “fuel dilution” reduces viscosity, which means reduced lubricity and...
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    Taylorsville B100 pump non-functional tonight

    Gelled solid? No. The gel point of pure soy biodiesel is well below freezing, probably closer to 20F . Also that fuel is in an underground tank. I bet they're just putting in PPD-1 so they can sell the winter blend. The timing is just right actually.
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    Volkswagen not yet planning to support higher biodiesel concentrations

    Good try, rosycrown, well stated description of warranty coverage and it's limitations. I'd say your experience with B100 isn't proof, but strongly compelling evidence that B100 works well in TDI. Now if we can find some mechanics that accept B100, we'll be good.
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    Volkswagen not yet planning to support higher biodiesel concentrations

    Those two statements reveal a lack of belief in the ASTM that is stunning. Do you believe the refiners are producing crappy D2, as well? Maybe others here on the board don't believe good fuel is the norm, IDK. ASTM standards are a the reason you can buy fuel at the pump, without worrying that...
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    DieselGreen Fuels tests B100 in 2009 Jetta TDI

    You can smell ME's? Could you describe the smell for me, I really don't smell it, I don't think. I know what kind of ass D2 smells like, can't believe you can make out *anything* in that kind of environment... thx
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    B100 in Rod's 2009 Jetta

    An article in Biodiesel Magazine quoted a study from Fang et. al., saying that use of >B5 might cause engine damage. BD in the crankcase oil seemed to decrease the amount of ZDDP found there. That's the ONLY study out there 'demonstrating' that use of >B5 is a problem in TDI's. And the study...
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    Volkswagen not yet planning to support higher biodiesel concentrations

    ban-cat, lol! Homebrewers aren't making enough B100 to 'get into the nation's fuel supply'. The flow doesn't go in that direction, man. If you can't fill a railcar (30,000 gallons) you're not putting your fuel anywhere but right where you live. In the case where guys are using their own...
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    Volkswagen not yet planning to support higher biodiesel concentrations

    This is why I am so 'thick': The American Society for Testing and Materials is a world renowned, and trusted, organization. They came up with a standard for diesel fuel, D975 and a better standard for biodiesel fuel, ASTM6751. As long as B100 is ASTM6751 specifications compliant, your TDI can...
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    Volkswagen not yet planning to support higher biodiesel concentrations

    BKMetz, you might not be out of touch, but you're dead wrong about VW having any basis for revoking warranty due to fuel use. Google Magnuson-Voss act. VW cannot revoke warranty coverage unless they demonstrate part failure is due to the fuel in the car. They can't revoke warranty because you...
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    No B100 in '09s ...does it matter?

    Of course you can make biodiesel from things that aren't edible-you can make FAME's from any fatty acid source. That includes toxic wastewater from paper mills. Is that source going away soon? discuss
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    Volkswagen not yet planning to support higher biodiesel concentrations

    BKmetz, thanks for the clarification. I get the impression that people feel VW can do whatever they want. Tell you what kind of fuel to put in your car, for example. Where does that stop? Next it will be VW specifies BP fuel and if you use Shell, you're your own warranty. Doesn't that sound...
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    No B100 in '09s ...does it matter?

    think truckers, not VW drivers. That's where the displacement of foreign oil will happen. It's happening now. B5 will be considered equivalent to D2 in a couple weeks. In other words you best believe biodiesel will be in your fuel supply in the heartland and other parts of America soon.
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    Volkswagen not yet planning to support higher biodiesel concentrations

    >>>I respect Mr. Burroughs for stepping up to the plate and putting his money on the line this way, but it's still intentionally misfueling the car and he is now his own warranty. That concept must be reinforced every step of the way.<<< BKmetz, can you explain how you came up with the term...
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    Planning to use B100 in 2009 Jetta

    from Biodiesel magazine article >>“We can tolerate up to 50 percent fuel mix in the oil but no more,” he said at the 2008 National Biodiesel Conference. Volkswagen tests using B5 and post-injection showed 45 percent oil dilution after 10,000 miles, but surprisingly no engine damage was evident...
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    Planning to use B100 in 2009 Jetta

    Friction-enhancing properties of ZDDP antiwear additive: Part I-friction and morphology of ZDDP reaction films(C) Tribology Transactions, Jul 2003 by Taylor, L J, Spikes, H A Many phosphorus-based antiwear films, including those formed by zinc dialkyl dithiophosphates (ZDDP), cause a...